Power; We Are Abel Natural

By Jo Phillips

For those that want to ensure the whole of their life, as well as their diet and clothing, are vegan can rest assured there is a perfume of great distinction on the market that is not just a natural fragrance but is vegan and as the brand Abel says is ‘consciously natural’

Although there is much talk of synthetics being important in perfume (and they are) doesn’t mean a fully natural perfume cannot work. It’s far harder of course but it can be done, and Abel is the brand that proves it so.

New Zealander Frances Shoemack wanted to tick this box and it was only because she couldn’t find one for herself she started on the journey of creating a natural perfume brand that had wonderful pure modern scents but was also (and this is the difficult part) long-lasting. Ultimately, she was looking to no less than produce the world’s best ever natural perfume.

Frances had a little extra trick up her sleeve as a former winemaker working with the subtly of naturals came easier for her than it would have to some. Think about the distillation of wine and perfume there are certainly some parallels.

But that was not just the only trick she had up her sleeve. Once she saw a video of master perfumer and fellow New Zealander Isaac Sinclair discussing these similarities between wine and perfume she knew she had found the nose that was had the right ideals for her brand.

Isaac was initially trained in Paris and Milan and then based in Sao Paulo, so he worked on commercial fragrances as a day job and then was the Abel Nose by night. And so, the story of how Abel was founded in Amsterdam in 2013.

Six years on there is a lovely collection of perfumes in the collection which Frances and Isaac have updated, where needed, as they both strive for a level of perfection many brands could only dream of.

Their newest perfume is the delicious Pink Iris. Top notes include spicy Sichuan pepper, fruity yet green raspberry leaf, with herby fresh basil followed by orris root with delicate yet seductive rose, and jasmine it holds its scent with the edition of a natural musk in its base It’s also good to know 1% of Pink Iris revenue goes to supporting non-profit Plastic Soup Foundation


White Vetiver A cool fresh Haitian vetiver that opens with a creamy lime and mint bouquet following on with bergamot and closes with a hint of caramel via a woody dry-down.  As before 1% of all White Vetiver revenue goes to supporting grassroots non-profit SOIL Haiti

Following on comes Golden Neroil. A sparkling citrus floral that opens with a harmonious neroli and matcha tea accord, a rich Jasmin sambac, petitgrain and ylang-ylang heart and a soft santal base of east Indian sandalwood. Yet again 1% of all Golden Neroli revenue goes to global non-profit Pollinator Partnership

Next is Red Santal.  A spicy clove bud alongside sweet-spicy pink and black pepper opening softens on the skin and meets with Calabrian bergamot with the warmth of ginger and elegance of classic East Indian santal.  Again 1% of Red Santal revenue goes to supporting nonprofit Plastic Soup Foundation

Colbolt Amber is an oriental again opening with the combination of bright pink pepper and juniper berry sitting with tonka balsam and at the bottom to hold the fragrance is  Amber.  With Colbolt Amber 1% of Cobalt Amber revenue goes to supporting non-profit Plastic Soup Foundation

Green Cedar is a real favourite.  The unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild-harvested Atlas Mountain cedar. It starts with magnolia which meets with cardamon which then distills to the Cyprinol delicious guaiac wood and settles into the Texas cedar and wild-harvested Atlas Mountain cedar. And again 1% of Green Cedar revenue goes to supporting non-profit Plastic Soup Foundation


Next up is Grey Labdanum A touch of bitter orange luscious grapefruit and violet open this cool labdanum rich fragrance which follows on to patchouli and clary sage and finesses in dark incense and ambergris colliding to a warm in a harmonious clash.  1% of Grey Labdanum revenue goes to supporting non-profit Plastic Soup Foundation

Lastly comes Nurture. A collaboration with organic children’s clothing brand, Gray Label. Created by Nose Fanny Grau, a mother herself, and partner of Abel Nose, Isaac Sinclair. Created by mothers, for mothers.    The gentleness of a cashmere wrap opening with Fleur l’orange, Bulgarian rose and lentisque which moves into sensual Jasmin sambac, and warm ginger and seating itself in East Indian sandalwood

All the perfumes are produced with natural oils and natural components and are organic where possible. This gives these fragrances a clean, clear,  clarity which gives the sense of cut-through often lost in perfumes that are too complex because they are trying too hard, to be too clever. The very fact the duo work only with naturals gives them a special place in the fragrance market and also gives them a unique set of tools to work with and therefore to create unique scents.

Find out more here at their website  www.abelodor.com

Please note all samples are sent via  to try from Abel  Odor Perfumes


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