By Jo Phillips

When buying any type of product, it is always good to go for a brand that has a lot of credibility in the industry. You want a company that has strong ties to the products they sell so you can be sure they have been created by someone with all of the knowledge and experience to deliver. 

When it comes to famous and decorated athletes, it doesn’t get much better than Michael Phelps. With 22 medals in three Olympic games, he is the most decorated swimmer of all time. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a swim spa, it is fair to say that you can shop with supreme confidence when purchasing from his range. 

He has developed an incredible range of swim spas with the assistance of his coach Bob Bowman. The range he has available is suited to a variation of training, including aquatic therapy, fitness programs, and, of course, swimming. All of the swim spas in his range are made using the unique propeller design, which provides a smooth and deep current. This is the best type of system to go for if you are serious about exercising and swimming. 

Nevertheless, all skill sets can reap the benefits of a Michael Phelps swim spa. There are many unique features associated with his range, including the Xtreme Therapy Seat and Cove, which will soothe aching muscles, relieve pressure on the joints, and improve circulation. 

Athletes Need A Hot Tub Too

Everyone can benefit from a hot tub; after all, they are incredibly relaxing. However, for some people, the benefits go a lot further than this, and this certainly applies to athletes. Read on to discover the reasons why all athletes should look to buy a hot tub. 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that a hot tub can reduce your chance of suffering from an injury. No matter whether you have been enjoying a game of football or doing Paul Rudd’s ant man workout,  it will loosen up your muscles before you work out. This will make it easier for you when you begin exercising, and so the chances of experiencing an injury are reduced as a result. In fact, you can even boost your performance when it comes to some activities and sports. 

Aside from this, hot tubs assist with the recovery process as well, as they reduce stiffness and soreness too. They help you to recover quicker because they dilate the blood vessels, which in turn boosts the blood flow to your muscles, ensuring you don’t feel as stiff or sore afterwards. 

Perhaps you have already been injured? If so, a hot tub can help to ease the pain that is associated with it. With every session that goes by, your flexibility will improve and the pain will be reduced. All in all, it is not hard to see why a hot tub is a must for athletes. 

So there you have it: two items that can ensure you train and recover like an Olympian.

Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav from Pexels

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