Precious Combinations

By Lilian Dabat

Jewellery and perfumery are industry sectors that have been intimately linked for a long time. Both items that are intimate and precious. The BULGARI brand, known worldwide for its haute couture jewellery but also its perfumery, has launched a new edition to its collection “LE GEMME”. Bulgari’s prestigious combination, of the two worlds of perfumery and jewellery meeting as one. Find out more in Precious Combinations. Images Hajar Djouahra

In this collection, named LE GEMME the brand takes precious stones from the four corners of the world and fuses them with perfumery composed of rare and unique elements. Inspired by precious stones such as Sapphire, Labradorite or Amber, each of these perfume and the bottles are designed to blend very specific and beloved ingredients think skin like Musk or earthy Patchouli.

This collection, LE GEMME, combines beauty, cosmetics, jewellery and perfumery while offering its customers a quality that honours the brand’s worldwide reputation.

Within this this collection fine scents designed for both men and Women. Each element, each precious stone chosen for thé collection comes from all a around the world.

Each bottle has a cap is inlaid with the precious stone that makes up the name of the fragrance. The stones used in this collection come from all over the world and include Tiger’s Eye, Sapphire, Ruby, Pyrite, Onyx, Jasper, Falcon’s Eye, Amber, Jade and Garnet.

For example LE GEMME Garanat Eau de Parfum is a journey along the prestigious Bosphorus, home to the king of red garnet. A deep purple-red gemstone of passion and audacity, which creates a talisman for adventure and love conquests. A spellbinding Amber Rose scent assembled with ardent Rose and noble smoked Incense. with notes that include Cinnamon, Essence Damascena Rose Essence, Smoked Incense and Essence

Or LE GEMME Rubinia Eau de Parfum. is created to highlight a sunset in the heart of Burma, where these fabulous radiant stones, the red ruby, come from. These stones, which hold within them the secret power, of inner fire, passion and courage, shine with a thousand fires, and join with Tonka bean, wrapped in flaming red Sandalwood to offer the full experience of this fragrance.

Some fragrances will have fruity tones, others will be more woody or spicy, while others will be more floral. The collection is based on different scents for both men and women with collections for both and bottles designed to each.

For the latest edition to this collection meet the stone, Labradorite, that has been explored to create the 11th fragrance in the story.

We find vanilla from Madagascar, Patchouli, Musk, Rose, Jasmine but also a very expensive element in the world of perfumery, not just an Oud but Oud Assam.

Considered the most precious, the rarest and the most expensive variation of Oud, it is combined here in this collection with different products such as Bourbon Vanilla, black Musk or Oud Malaccensis and Exclusif which are two other types of Oud.

From woody notes, to spicy ones, to floral ones, this collection offers a wide range of fragrances, with different scents, giving variations and facets. The highest of quality ingredients are used to create this range, while a precious stone is used to accentuate and drive the story of each scent.

This alliance of these two important sectors, the perfume industry and the jewellery industry, bring a new kind of intimacy to our lives and even the touch of them both on our skin.

The prestigious combination of these Gems and ingredients opens up new possibilities for the future of both industries.

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