Pure: Ella On The Run’s New EP

By Adrien Communier

Celebrating our month theme Pure and the release of her new EP “All That She Wants”, London based singer Ella On The Run has composed a special playlist for us featuring some of her favorite “Pure” songs:

Pure Relaxation: Anything by CHET BAKER when he sings like Time After Time
“There is nothing nicer than a cup of tea, or warm bubble bath on a rainy Sunday with Chet Baker’s smooth vocals and his beautiful trumpet playing. I studied Jazz so I am still a huge Jazz lover and I listen to it a lot in my spare time.”

Pure Aphrodesiac: Love Song #3 – ME’SCHELL NDEGEOCELLO
“This song is so sexy it hurts. It has that 80s power feel to it and reminds me of cheesy Hollywood movies of the 90s. I love Meshell Ndegeocello and her ever evolving sound and I especially appreciate her because she is one of the few great and successful female bass players in the music industry.”

Pure Electronic: Can’t Do Without You – CARIBOU
“To me Caribou is one of the most talented live electronic artists at the moment, along side Nils Frahm. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform and he is such a transcending talent – even if you do not like electronic music he will blow your mind.”

Pure Ego: All That She Wants – ELLA ON THE RUN
“My new single All That She Wants- the original Ace of Base version is one of my all time favorite pop songs, so I had to cover it! I think it’s one of my best tracks to date and my first attempt at co- producing! Even though I didn’t write it I am still very proud of the outcome.”

Pure Pop: Elastic Heart – SIA
“If I have to chose a  contemporary pop artist I would definitely choose Sia. Not only for her incredible vocal skill but her songwriting is on point. Her videos are artistic masterpieces and I think a lot of pop artists out there could learn quite a bit from Sia. She is hugely succesful without overexposing herself in any way or by compromising her integrity.”

Featuring a cover of “All That She Wants” by Swedish pop group Ace of Base, Ella’s new EP also contains three new tracks. With elegant beats and soft echoes, Ella’s voice is nothing but pure on this tribute song to her childhood favourite band confirming her as one of the most promising talent on the alternative pop scene alongside Banks, Christine and the Queens and Rosie Love.

Ella On The Run’s new EP “All That She Wants” is now available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and Amazon.

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