Pure: Workshop in Light and Color

By Adrien Communier

The University of New Mexico is about to host a brand new photography exhibition in its Atrium Gallery. The two-week exhibit is set to pay a vibrant tribute to the major achievement in photography by Chicago’s Institute of Design or the New Bauhaus as it was originally called when it was created in 1937.

The photography roots of the New Bauhaus come from constructivist photography and the aim was to work strongly on the light, emphasizing the subject and the lines of the photograph. New Bauhaus work is the result of many experimentations using different technics and props such as reflective structures, viscous substances and lenses to play with the light and capture it in its purest way. Led by Làszlò Moholy-Nagy, New Bauhaus’ movement still has an important influence over modern photography and as the popularity of photography is growing, the Atrium Gallery will pay a proper tribute to this unrecognized influence that was the New Bauhaus.

L.Moholy-Nagy, Ohne Titel (3 shots of traffic lights) / Foto L.Moholy-Nagy, Ohne Titel (Neon signs, Chicago) / Foto, 1939 ART485182

The exhibition “Workshop in Light and Color: The Legacy of the New Bauhaus” will be held at the Atrium Gallery (University of New Mexico) from April 1 – 15, 2016.

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