Radiant: A Feline Life

By Jo Phillips

The art collective, greyworld, has created a cheeky invention: a full animatronic, ultra expressive tail to satisfy our curiosity to experience a radiant life, like a cat. The circa 60cm long tail is fully controllable with a portable remote control keyfob, allowing us to experience the joys of having a voice even when we are standing still. Designed to be worn at any occasion – whether staying in or out and about town, here is a tail that is made to twist, curl, flex, flick, and do other tricks, like dancing to music, too. Check out the video below and see life on the feline side.

Greyworld Tail
A naked tail.

The Kickstarter project is currently raising money to produce these naughty playthings at an affordable price as well as expanding the product range. Visit kickstarter.com for more details.



greyworld is a guest-editor of .Cent Magazine’s The Spaces in Between Issues – available on .Cent’s shop now.

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