Radiant; An Inspiring Young Artist

By Katie Dongworth

Moldovan artist Constantin Botezat is an incredibly accomplished artist. At just 24, Constantin has already lived in six countries, proudly studying in Transylvania, Italy and Portugal. He has also lived in the United States, exhibiting art in New York, Hollywood and Los Angeles. He arrived in London a year ago through the Erasmus programme and has since won a scholarship to continue his education in the United Kingdom. He has been involved in many artistic projects while in London, including working as a Creative Strategist for a radio station and a contributing Art Director for Cent!

The various cultural influences he has experienced throughout his short, yet incredibly full, career is translated through his art and his gracious approach to life. In interviews he talks fondly of the countries he’s lived in and provides a beautiful insight into the intricacies of the different cultures he has encountered. He warmly refers to the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca as the most beautiful place in Romania. He describes London as a city of possibilities and his time in the US state of Utah as having a special place in his heart. He has noted in interviews that all the travel he has been lucky enough to experience has changed his life. Discovering the world, meeting new people and learning their culture has taught him, in his own words, how to be a great and humble person.

Photographer: Joselu Guirola Anillo

This appreciation of the world, and the beauty of the people in it, emulates through his art and positive demeaner. Also evident is Constantin’s remarkable hard work. As a young boy he was determined to share his art and dreamed of exhibiting his work in the United States. After securing his first exhibition at just 14, he not only presented his work in the US but all over Europe.

Now, in the last year alone, he has managed to take part in a staggering ten shows in London. Five of these impressive shows took place at Espacio Gallery“Beyond the Image”, “Roots & Rifts”, “Boundaries & Beyond, Part I & II” and “Free up the Mind”.

“Beyond the Image”, which took place on 19th– 24th June 2018, investigated the in between space of creative power – the process of creation rather than the created piece itself. Each work in the exhibition conveyed a journey, usually hidden behind the scenes, inviting the audience into the complicated world of the artist’s mind. 

“Roots & Rifts” took place on 22nd January – 3rd February 2019 and explored the different paths people take in their lives which either reinforce their roots or create rifts with their past. The exhibition argued that both reactions are equally important and increase understanding of the world and individual identity. National and international artists were brought together in order to demonstrate a wide range of experiences. 

“Boundaries & Beyond, Part I & II” took place on 5th– 17th February and 2nd– 7th April 2019. Both parts of this exhibition looked at the varying ways in which creativity can flourish, whether conforming to boundaries or looking beyond the rules. The exhibitions brought together an array of mediums, including painting, printmaking, photography, installation, 3D and mixed media. 

“Free up the Mind”, took place on 5th September 2019. The exhibition celebrated the freedom of expression involved in creating art and illustrated the liberation of just letting the mind wander. The artists used a variety of media, including watercolours, oils, inks, photography, mixed media and fused glass. 

Photographer: Joselu Guirola Anillo

Perhaps his most impressive project of the year, Constantin also collaborated with the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the UK, creating an exhibition at the European Bank in London. The exhibition celebrated Moldova as a hub of creativity and exciting tourist destination of the future.

Being part of this exhibition dedicated to Moldova was an incredible achievement for Constantin, whose art, despite his many other cultural influences, always embraces the culture and traditions of his own country. Constantin hopes his journey, which has only just begun, inspires other Moldovan artists to embrace opportunities, travel, learn but never forget where they came from.

Constantin’s year in London demonstrates the opportunities out there for young artists. By making relationships with galleries and cultural institutions in London he has been able to take part in ten exhibitions in a year, proving that if you believe in yourself and work hard you can achieve your dreams.

Instagram: @constantin.botezat

Facebook: Constantin Botezat

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