Radiant: Be Inspired by Morocco

By Jo Phillips

Morocco is the most westerly kingdom of the North African countries richly influenced by both African and European culture. Its diverse biodiversity gives rise to a vibrant tradition and culture – rich in colours, aroma, flavour, tastes and sensations. Courtesy of the Moroccan Fine Art online gallery, .Cent presents three artists and their views of a country that offers so much inspiration to them.

Mustapha Amnaine
Through freely scribbled words, Marrakech-born Mustapha Amnaine’s work expresses his personal response to Moroccan tradition and contemporary painting. Inspired by ancient Moroccan myths, themes explored in his work include the odyssey of the dreams and the aspirations of his native nation. While fluidity is sustained eloquently on his canvas with splashes of lively colours, words metamorphose into a painting crafting another meaning.

Mustapha Amnaine mixed media on canvas 60x60cm
Mustapha Amnaine, mixed media on canvas, 60x60cm, £1450

Noureddine Chater
Messages are encoded gracefully in Noureddine Chater’s calligraphic-style paintings, where letters look like flowers or secret signs from afar. Although the Marrakesh-born artist inclines to use natural hues in his work, he balances it with vibrant colours for a contemporary twist. Prominent in his work is the glyph, which as a symbol of entry and departure, represents the key that opens up to the exploration of the sublime.

Noureddine Chater mixed-media on canvas 80x80cm
Noureddine Chater, mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm, £2200

Anna Allworthy
Kent-born and based artist and photographer Anna Allworthy is known for her use of colour, mark making, textures and dynamic composition. Her recent painting called ‘Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca’ takes inspiration from her two-month long trip around Morocco. Anna says, ‘It is one of the most beautiful, interesting and diverse countries I have explored, from the dramatic blue town of Chefchaouen to the ever changing oranges of the desert. It has become a country I am hugely passionate about.’

Anna Allworthy HASSAN II MOSQUE CASABLANCA 50x100 cm
Anna Allworthy, HASSAN II MOSQUE, CASABLANCA, 50×100 cm, £950

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