Radiant; For the Love of Rose

By Jo Phillips

As far as love stories go the one between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony is high up there along with Romeo and Juliet and Napoleon and Josephine. From literary concoctions to real-life love affairs, the emotion and passion of these stories have always caught our imagination. We love to love… and what symbol sums up love better than a red rose? A red rose is an unmistakable expression of love and the deepest passions of longing and desire. Such a small token with huge reverberations.

And this is the powerful flower that perfumer Alexandre J have celebrated with their newest perfume, Rose Alba from The Collector range.

It opens skin-like, soft and plush, with rich plum and gentle peach skin, both brought alive with a shot of bergamot. This then of course links into the middle of the fragrance, all rose with spicy black pepper. Think of the seduction of Mark Anthony by Cleopatra, as she draws him softly into her arms then leaves him punch-drunk with roses and pepper and finally lulls him with the end notes of sandalwood, white musk and creamy vanilla.

The perfume is representative of the whole love affair between the two: soft, then powerful, then comforting. The Collector range is a group of fragrances within the brand Alexandre J that has curated as he says:-

A collection of unique moments, Collector’s are like my olfactory travel books.

It is also described by the brand as:-

An alliance between the Oriental desert and French Baroque architecture, this collection of eight fragrances evokes a trip out of time, the warmth of the elements and the change of scenery. It focuses on a magical place speaking to the imagination of all. Sensual and sophisticated, the olfactory composition is a tribute to the journey of body and mind.

This particular delicious fragrance is an exclusive to the stunning London perfume shop Jovoy.  If you have not visited make sure you go to the store in London’s west end for an exemplary collection of delicious scents from around the world. Some known, some truly wonderful unexpected finds.

You can get the deep red tin trimmed in gold at the store or online here.

Or visit the store: jovoyparis.uk

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