Radiant: Jockum Nordström

By Jo Phillips



Jockum Nordström’s retrospective brings together works from all different mediums; delightful collages, graphite drawings and architectural sculptures.Although seemingly innocent on the surface, Nordström’s child like, cut and paste works evoke darker, more mysterious meanings.

‘All I have ever learnt and forgotten again’ is a nod to the lost innocence, excitement and radiance of childhood, and to the mundanity and demands of the adult world, or the real world. The whimsical collages show characters in constant action; riding horses, sailing boats, making love and playing music. The actions reveal strange, often sinister and even the violent nature of adult actions and the adult world.

Whether looking into a deeper meaning or enjoying the playful, fairy-tale surfaces of the artist’s work, the exhibition is a must see.



The exhibition runs at Camden Arts Centre London, from 26 July until 29 September 2013 and admission is free.

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