Radiant; Live Balanced

By Adam Snow

There’s no way around it, and no going back. Technology is an integral part of our daily lives.

Naturally, many have come to resent this new reliance on devices. We fear that computers will replace our need for human interaction. Instead of looking out the window, we would rather check the weather on our phone; instead of enjoying the company of the friends in the room, we often choose to message the ones on the other side of the screen. When thought about in this way, to some our future with technology may seem bleak, or even terrifying.

Others, however, see the potential for a world in which we use technology to thrive. Like never before, technology is used to cure disease and help people with disabilities. Scientists use computers to solve complicated problems and learn more about the universe, and every day, technology is developed that is aimed to create a greener world. Using the knowledge of laboratory scientists and the devices available to them, it is even possible to create a medication that causes a reversing of the balding process, and numerous other cosmetic advances. Technology helps us not just to live, but to live better.

Many people and companies envision a world in which we can create meaningful relationships with technology; relationships that enhance our human interaction rather than detract from them. With their most recent collection of design concepts as evidence, Panasonic is certainly a part of this group.

The Panasonic design team have launched a new collection called “Balance in Being,” aimed at building products that enhance the way we take care of ourselves, bringing balance to our lives and allowing us to lead them in more meaningful ways.    

The project is made up of six futuristic designs, each one targeting an aspect of life that can improve human well-being. The idea is that in improving our ability for self-care, technology can in turn allow us to care more for the people surrounding us.

Says Rowan Williams, the team’s creative lead, “The philosophy of ‘Balance of Being’aims to close this gap between technology and our lifestyles, focusing more on human interaction, comfort, enhancing our lifestyles by providing truly meaningful experiences with technology allowing us to bond with one another instead of our devices.”

LIFT, from Panasonic

For example, the first concept, LIFT, is a smart cooking device that uses heat and pressure sensors to ‘lift’ food to its most nutritional state. The device uses technology to simultaneously improve nutrition and engage families with the food they eat.

The fourth concept, WAVE, evaluates the status of your scalp and provides a custom stress-relieving treatment. Meanwhile, TONE creates a self-care regimen based on analysis of skin complexion, personalizing a steam and LED light treatment to improve skin complexion.

The common theme among the products is that they allow us to form personal and meaningful relationships with our technology. Each concept is designed to improve our home lives and capacity for self-care, thus enhancing our ability to experience the world in front of our eyes.  

The remaining concepts continue in this end: SHOT creates highly nutritious and health improving drinks, GROW analyzes hair condition and promotes healthy hair growth, and EASE provides sophisticated skin-care while you are sleeping.

Sure, technology can be scary and intimidating, but Panasonic see that it has the potential to improve lives and bring balance to Being.

“Balance in Being” made its debut at IFA Berlin in September.
For the full collection, visit Panasonic’s Design Page.

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