Radiant Mexico

By Zonaira Chaudry

A candle carved into the shape of a flower, hand made in the city of Oaxaca, the Mexican mirror (what the locals call maize), these are just a few insights into the real lives in Mexico, not those we tend to be shown in colourful travel guides. In a covid bound world, travel has taken a new meaning paving the path for imaginative travelling or relishing the experience while being at home and even when we are able to travel again isn’t what we want a more emotive authentic experience. We want to feel the way of life for those in the places we visit, we want to immerse ourselves in a real experience not just a set of tourist attractions. We want to learn firsthand about Radiant Mexico.

Lodestars Anthology is a series of travel journals which takes the reader on an adventure exploring different countries in each of its issues. It goes beyond the normal route which a tourist might follow and shows the reader a different aspect of the country which is hidden from the outside world. Featuring interviews and understandings of renowned artists, chefs and other members from inside the community, the artful collection depicts Mexican inhabitants in their most genuine form.


The 13th edition of this series is inspired by the exotic vibrance of this country which transports the reader to this colourful land with its myriad flavours and beautiful traditions giving the reader an authentic experience of visiting.


This collection of thoughts and images highlights Mexican cities, the cuisine and its rustic culture. As you begin your journey, you will feel the passion of the contributors in this compilation of photo essays, travelogues and interviews who have not only tried to capture the essence of this festive country but are also celebrating its traditional heritage. From the most historic to the most modern.


For example in her essay, Jimena Peck introduces you to the world of creative candle making in the specific town of Oaxaca and describes how these candles with their flower-like exterior are delicately handcrafted into objects of artisanal beauties. Read a personal account by Cameron Lange in which he talks about life in Mexico City. Find out the story of the Mazie, the rudimental ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The locals view the cultivation of maize as a relationship between them and the land. They believe that without corn, there are no people and deem it as the ‘Mexican Mirror.’.


The Mexico Anthology is a treasure to cherish and becomes a tangible reminder of a faraway place inspiring you to travel to without following a traditional itinerary. With its local intricacies and reflections, the book is not a travel guide for a tourist but is a cultural insight for a travel enthusiast.


It is a new way of approaching cultural learning in the form of travel through other peoples’ journeys and experiences, a time when we are not able to travel freely. While turning the pages, you can feel the mystic essence of the multifaceted Mexican culture captured sitting right at home.


The book presents Mexico in a radiant light destined for cultural appreciation. Get ready to take a visual journey merged with soulful words and heartful imagery into the soul and heart of Mexico!

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