Radiant; Piggy

By Ornella Biagetti

Have you ever had that dream, where you suddenly realise that you’re naked in public? It is a scary nightmare. The feeling is so uncomfortable that you hope it will be something that will never happen for real in your life. Most people fear being humiliated in public in one form or other.

Sara is a young woman who decided to spend an afternoon at the swimming pond. A group of girls stops by and starts laughing about her large size body and calling her ‘Piggy’.

The situation gets worse when the girls steal Sara’s bag, her phone and her clothes. The only thing Sara can do now is getting out pf the water and run after them whilst still in her white, tiny bikini. Running barefoot on the deserted road, under the sun, in a state of distress and anguish, is when the plot turns darker to reveal the final action in the second half of this short story.

This film tells a story, without time and space, of the issue of body shaming and bullying; a rift among teenagers that often affects many girls’ lives but sadly is something reflected in greater society.

With this short movie, writer and director Carlota Pereda is giving us a good chance to think and engage, making us feel close to the protagonist and her own discomfort.

“Cerdita” Written and directed by Carlota Pereda will be shown at film festivals.

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