Radiant; The Age of Green

By Adam Snow

Modern life is blessed and cursed with contradictions and balance. One must work, live a healthy home life, and maintain social friendships. Search for success while remaining humble and authentic. Abide by tradition yet be bold and creative.  Appear sophisticated and accessible. Life itself is complex, but we value simplicity.

It is exactly this balance that Floris London have attempted to celebrate with their newest scent, Vert Fougère.    

In perfume, the Fougere is a classic scent that has been around since 1882 when Fougère Royale by Houbigant, was bought to the market created by the perfumer Paul Parquet in 1882.

The name comes from the French language word for “fern”. Fougère perfumes are made with a blend of fragrances: top-notes are sweet, with the scent of lavender flowers; as the more volatile components evaporate, the scents of oakmoss, described as woody, sharp and slightly sweet, and coumarin, similar to the scent of new-mown hay, become noticeable, there can also be additional notes of herbs, spice and woods.

The scent, an inspired new take on the iconic Fougère, is a delightfully unexpected scent from Floris, who haven’t released a Fougère since 2002. The perfume is familiar yet revolutionary, combining old favourites such as lavender with dark green, mossy notes as well as the warmer, cosier scents provided by vanilla and smoke.

Says perfumer Nicola Pozzani, “It’s sparkle and mystery, light and shade, it’s citrus herbal notes mingling with the woody oriental.”

This balance is evident from its opening. Fresh and sharp citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot are coupled with the green, effervescent galbanum – a lively beginning that grabs the attention. 

These fleeting top notes subside into the sweeter, fuller notes of lavender coupled with the spicy, sophisticated ginger. The scent is completed by full, earthy patchouli and smooth cashmere, leaving a moodiness and lasting image of endurance and legacy.

“Our new Fougère had to be simple yet vigorous,” says Pozzani. Floris, by all accounts, have succeeded. Keeping the tradition of the Fougère forever in mind, Floris have created a scent that is at the same time simple and innovative, reminiscent of the nuanced modern person we are expected to be today.

See Vert Fougère on Floris’ website, here.

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