Radiant; Tom’s soft

By Jo Phillips

Tom Daxon’s collection of fragrances stands out from many collections. Not only are they superb fragrances that are well crafted, but there is also a connection between each. A real sense of a handwritten signature exists across each and every piece in the brand.

This is very hard to do and a sign of a good brand when you take a sniff and think “Yes, that’s a Tom Daxon fragrance.”

His newest perfume added is yet again very him, but may come as a slight surprise to fans. A great surprise, as it has all the hallmarks of his work. It’s beautiful and clever, yet this time it is a surprise – unexpected is all.

Soft and more feminine than usual (although once sniffed one will realise it will smell magnificent on men too), it opens with a soft, smooth, ripe and luscious peach head. 

Unlike many fragrances that open with fruit, there is the genius addition of iris slap bang in the middle alongside delicious jasmine. This gives the fruit a root to ‘sit on,’ an unexpected twist which makes it more unisex than sweet and questions the very nature of perfumes that open with a fruity top. It shows quite clearly that fruit (so often associated with sweet overtly feminine fragrances) doesn’t need to be like this.

Of course, this is by far Toms most overtly feminine and soft fragrance, but don’t let that fool you. Like all his perfumes, this is a clever take on that soft fuzzy peach so often used in a scent called Fuyu. It starts off as mentioned with white peach moves into iris and jasmine before descending into musks and cedarwood.

This equates to a creamy fruit note reminiscent of a ripe Fuyu persimmon. Then, an unveiling; powdery iris, jasmine and an array of sensual musks envisage the softest skin’. As noted above the names refers to persimmon, sometimes called Sharon fruit is an orange fruit that looks a little similar to a tomato.

It is always such a lovely moment when a perfumer brings a new scent to the market, but its made all the more special when you get not the unknown or try-hard, but a sense of something familiar yet totally new all at the same time.

Tom Daxon Fuyu is available online here, or visit his website to find out all about him and his collection of fragrances body washes and candles


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