Radiant: Watch My Expression

By Jo Phillips

Swiss watchmaker, Swatch, takes watches to a radiant level with its vibrant collection entitled ‘Urban Expression’ for Autumn/Winter 2013-14. Inspired by both the sight and sound of the street scene, it celebrates the colourful murals and expressive artwork that adds personality and flavour to cities around the world as well as capturing the lights, rhythms and buzz. This translates into radiant designs playing with flamboyant prints and quirky slogans.


The ones to watch for from this range include ‘This Moment’, which declares the “you only live once” approach to life. Written on the minute hand of the clock are the words “THIS MOMENT”. As time passes, the hand sweeps around the clock face making two bold statements: “BE HAPPY FOR THIS MOMENT” or “THIS MOMENT IS YOUR LIFE”. Another cheeky watch from the collection is a black and white watch ironically announcing “sorry not available in colour” on its dial; while the “Generation 27” model remarks upon the notion of the 27-hour day – popularly said to be the time is takes men to accomplish what women do in a day.

Urban Expression by Swatch

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