VIVID: Dare to Bare Your Best Chair

By Jo Phillips

You know that feeling when you’re at home or the office and you sit in that specific chair, the chair that you have now claimed as ‘yours’ – it gives you that feeling of comfort and ownership sometimes right ? It is interesting to see how the shape and the feel of chairs has changed across the years and how they can impact the space of a certain room, in some cases they can totally decorate and transform the blank space of a room.Chairs+by+Architects+4

Some of the most renowned architects have taken their architectural skills and transferred them in to designing a selection of innovative modern chairs that could prompt you to start a new chair addiction. ‘Chairs by Architects’  by Agata Toromanoff is set to be released on August 4th of this year, it can be pre-ordered and/or bought from Amazon here. It’s the go to book if you are still unsure on how grasp the concept of quirky artwork such as, the book will help you gain knowledgeof how architects can incorporate qualities in their buildings and transfer it on to an intricate chair, therefore making it more than what it appears.Chairs+by+Architects+6

The book takes you on a historical journey through 55 different designed chairs from early modern pioneers to more recent modern people such as Zaha Hadid.
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