Rainbow Feet

By Jo Phillips

Joseph wore a coat of many colours (in the famous biblical story) we cant always go there but what about truly colourful feet? what about a multicoloured summer with the foot. wear brand Havaianas? Find out more in Rainbow Feet here.

Red and yellow and green and blue, yeah yeah we all know the song but did we all know that the latest collaboration of the widely regarded summer foot wear brand Havaianas is with rubber soul producers Vibram. The two have come together to create a flip flop with attitude and a set of colours the ensure you are rainbow bright this summer.

This collaborative collection comprises of two timeless Havaianas styles matched with iconic Vibram soles ranging in four bright colours from yellow, green, blue, and pink. 

The collaboration between Vibram and Havaianas has been formed within an all-new context in which the identities of the two brands co-exist, the common aspect that the two brands share is the use of rubber in the manufacture of their products, which were initially focused on functionality and performance, over time becoming veritable icons of style and design.

So not only will the colour palette bring an extra bit of spring in your step the sole with bring a little more glamour and bounce

The design and bright colours of Havaianas meets the functionality and performance of Vibram soles.

find out more at Havaianas-store.com

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