Ratio; Absolutely Italian

By Anweshak Tejendra

As I walk the streets of Capri, I can feel the pleasant wind brushing past my face. The mesmeric island has captured my heart. Wherever I look, I am greeted with the ravishing sight of trees. Orange, mandarin and lemon; a true citrus paradise. I almost forgot that guests are coming soon so I need to rush home. Gladly, all the preparations are already done, can’t be wasting any time since I travel to Amalfi soon.



Hello Amalfi! I’m so excited about what you have in store for me. You’ve already welcomed me with bright rays of sunshine through the window, now it’s time to go out and explore. This stroll on the coastline was a fantastic idea, the sunlit lanes and spectacular views are a true sight to behold. Wish I could stay a little longer, but more destinations await; off to Liguria.



I just love beaches! Feeling the cool sand on your feet, how soothing. Look at that exquisite architecture, it’s brimming with colour. And the food this island has to offer is delicious; I don’t think I have ever had better seafood than this. Guess I should also go visit that beautiful lake nearby I’ve heard so much about. Wow, so calming. The gentle ripples in the water and the relaxing scent, this is truly peaceful. Where do I go next? Oh, yes: Calabria.


Manarola, Liguria

This place is giving me such a warm feeling. Everyone is so kind and I’ve heard great stories from people in every place I’ve visited. My friends from back home join me today. I haven’t met them in quite a while, can’t wait to catch up! I haven’t had such an enjoyable evening for a long time, it really brought back memories of the summers we spent together. Just one location left, why is time going by so fast?



The whole trip has been so hectic and exhausting, I’m glad that Panarea is simply an ideal place to just rest. I had such a relaxing breakfast on the terrace with an enticing view of the sea. Better go and pick some roses and jasmine to welcome my beloved. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end this phenomenal experience than a romantic dinner with the one I love. Thank you, Italy. You have given me memories to cherish forever.



Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian lifestyle, has encapsulated this entire experience in their new candles and diffusers: Home Collection. With ten fragrances which capture moments of Italian living and unforgettable places in the Italian Mediterranean, the Home Collection will completely transform your home.

NEW Acqua di Parma Home collection (lifestyle)


Five different fragrances which capture the typical moments of Italian living:

Luce di Colonia – Citrusy notes of lemon and orange combined with floral notes and warm scents.

Buongiorno – Scents of mint, lavender and rosemary along with green notes of newly-cut grass.

La Casa Sul Lago – Scents of water mingle with floral aromas and soft, comforting embrace of musk.

Caffè in Piazza – Notes of cardamom blend with the dry aroma of coffee and the gourmet accents of vanilla and hazelnut chocolate

Oh, L‘amore – The intense and spicy notes of black pepper and cloves with an explosion of creamy amber-scented aromas


For those who want to recreate the unforgettable Italian Mediterranean in their own home, five fragrances inspired by the Blu Mediterraneo line:

Arancia di Capri – Clear, sparkling notes of orange, mandarin and lemon.

Fico di Amalfi, Bergamotto – Sweetness of fig blends with the glorious citrusy aroma of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit.

Chinotto di Liguria – The aroma of rosemary and the spicy scents of cardamom with comforting accents of jasmine
and musk.

Di Calabria – Scents of bergamot blend with red ginger and cedar, along with with a combination of vetiver, benzoin and musk.

Mirto di Panarea – Scents of the sea breeze combined with the intensity of juniper and the floral notes of jasmine and rose.


Acqua di Parma is launching their new Home Collection

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