Ratio; Place On My Face

By Jo Phillips

New Weekend skin saviour!! DEWYTREE’s “Melting Chou microfiber facial mask” collection provides clinically proven skincare that delivers immediate results and enhances skin immunity with weak acid cosmetics and non-harmful components.



This is a four-product collection, each formula specifically designed to target and aid common skin concerns such as ageing, sensitivity, dehydration and dullness.

Melting Chou group

The soft, simple and clean aesthetic of the packaging complements what’s inside as these are completely free of harmful ingredients including colourants, perfumes, parabens and sulfates.

Take twenty minutes at the beginning or end of your day to bathe your skin in your chosen mask, remove and pat the residue into the skin and watch the magic unfold. Our current favourite is the collagen mask.


As you get a generous amount of product in each sachet, save and use what remains to apply the following day to enhance your results.

These retail at £4.99 per mask and are currently available directly from the DEWYTREE website: www.dewytree.com.

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