Raw: All things wool

By Jo Phillips

Wool has over the past few years sprung into fashion warming many a heart with its eco-credentials. Wool, being one of the world’s great natural fibres, is at once renewable, natural, biodegradable and sustainable. Not surprising that it is a key choice for designers the world over. Spun wool is the textile of choice and its versatility ensures easy use in clothing, furnishing and design. Here’re three different ways to make a woolly style statement.

Wool Rules

Wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Image Courtesy of The Woolmark Company – A snapshot of designer Rahul Mishra’s capsule collection for the International Woolmark Prize showcased in Milan earlier this year.

Rahul represented India and the Middle East and bagged this year’s International Woolmark Prize for his “incredible knowledge of techniques and craftsmanship, with stunning embroidery adorning his capsule collection.”

Designs in Wool

The Wool Lab_HIRES

Image Courtesy of The Woolmark Company-The Wool Lab bag.
As the global authority on Merino wool, The Woolmark Company works with the global textile and fashion industries. The fibre inspires creations for the everyday as well as for the catwalks of the world’s top fashion houses.

Cheerful Decor
Furnishings made of dyed wool offer a stunning interior design.
Baronial 1
Image Courtesy of Abraham Moon & Sons.
The company, established in 1837, is now synonymous with wool interior fabrics; no other brand specialises in wool and brings out its luxury and benefits in quite the same way.

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