Raw: My Heart is in Peckham

By Angelina Puschkarski

Image courtesy of Laura Sophie Voss
Image courtesy of Laura Sophie Voss

Peckham in South East London has always been regarded as one of the least safe areas of the capital. Only a year ago my friends from the other side of the Thames didn’t want to visit me in the evening let alone having a night out there! The riots two years ago helped very little in that respect. When I first came to London, Peckham was the first of London’s boroughs I came in touch with and this is where my love story begins.

It is not on the touristic map, not on the tube map and not on Time Out’s top lists which is refreshing after living in London for more than a year. Street markets, butchers, fisheries, cheap hair-and-nail salons next to fruit stalls – all this is Peckham.  It has its own charm. It’s genuine and rich: rich in being happy without having much and taking things easy. But one of the most significant attributes is that it’s changing from day to day. More and more artists are flocking to the up-and-coming area, looking for inspiration in and around Peckham. New art cafés are opening in hourly intervals; bakeries are turning into nightclubs and nightclubs into theatres.

If you would have asked me a year ago for an art gallery somewhere in South London, I would have never mentioned Peckham but now I don’t know any better place.



The Peckham Pelican – 92 Peckham Road, SE15 5PY, London

– Café-bar-art gallery offering well priced booze, coffee, tea and exquisite pizza.

– Art exhibitions, life music and film screenings every once a week.

– More information on upcoming events: www.thepeckhampelican.co.uk or check out their Facebook Page


The CLF (Chronic Love Foundation) Art Café aka Bussey Building – 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST London

Image courtesy of Laura Sophie Voss
Image courtesy of Laura Sophie Voss

– In its own words “the 21st century of Chill”

– 120 year old multi-level warehouse hosting music events, theatre plays, dance performances,art exhibitions and creative workshops


– Upcoming music highlights, theatre plays and film screenings on www.clfartcafe.org

– Yoga and dance classes


 Canavan’s Peckham Pool Club – 188 Rye Lane, SE15 4NF London

– Nightclub and Pool hall

– Best karaoke venue in South East. Good for private parties


Sassoon Gallery aka Peckham Springs – 213 Blehheim Grove, SE15 4QL London

Project space showcasing creative practices of artist from all over London

– Program includes live art, performances, lectures and workshops

– Weekend is dedicated to London’s finest street food traders: serving from 6pm until midnight you can experience one of the largest varieties in street food


Frank’s Café and Campari Bar – 95A Rye Lane, SE15 4ST

– Bar on the top of a car park just next to The Bussey Building

– Part of the ‘Bold Tendencies’ Sculptures Project

– The ‘Bold Tendencies’ exhibition are on the last floor of the car park – the café is on the rooftop with view over London’s skyline

– Open from June until September (Wednesdays – Sunday, 11am-11pm)

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