Reduce, Reuse, Refresh

By Molly Schiff

Shopping sustainable is sexy. With Earth Day coming up on the twenty second of April, it’s fitting to show Earth some love by doing things the recyclable way. In a world full of cellophane packaging and discarded plastic, Floral Street brings you something completely clean. They endeavoured to turn used coffee cups into the packaging for their award-winning scents, and it was a smashing success. Read more about it in Reduce, Reuse, Refresh.

Floral Street, founded by Michelle Feeney, has had the mission of creating a sustainable beauty brand since the very beginning. She wanted to do right by the planet. This brand is ethical through and through, from the treatment of materials to treatment of suppliers. For packaging, Feeney has opted for pulp cartons: compostable and reusable. In the scent itself, there is no musk (which comes from animal glands), no beeswax, and no animal testing. Recyclable and cruelty free! Feeney creates products that protect the Earth; a habit everybody should consider.

At the end of this month, we celebrate Earth Day. In the spirit of that, Floral Street has added a new reducible addition to their packaging. In each perfume box, there is one used coffee cup. 20% of the packaging is now upcycled! How incredible! To this day, they have upcycled 350,000 used coffee cups. 

It is important to give life to the place that has been breathing life into us since the day we were born. By shopping for fragrances with Floral Street, you will be doing just that. Sustainable shopping. There is nothing quite like giving back to the planet, especially with Earth Day around the corner.

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