Refill Natures Void

By Jo Phillips

For many years most beauty companies came from Europe, America or other major world players, but interestingly we are seeing more beauty, skincare and perfume from less obvious locations. Take India for exquisite perfume, or Sweden for homecare, or what about Skincare from New Zealand? Meet Kaea skincare rooted in New Zealand’s rich heritage. The word KAEĀ means to lead passionately, respectfully, responsibly & bravely as one and as a collective. Now we can all benefit from the flora and fauna from around the globe, greenery that has been treated with loving kindness. And that when we buy skincare we give back to nature all at the same time and restore more than just our skin. Find out more in Refill Natures void here.

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It’s not just about the farther away or less expected places we are finding new products from but the context, the people and the values that are filling the damage created to our planet with brands with far kinder values than before. We are finally learning to listen and understand the many cultures that have gone on far longer than we have in the western world and the values these original communities hold dear to conservation are finally being acknowledged.

Learning all about this allows us ultimately to buy cleaner skincare, that is better, fairer and kinder. When green science is used for its best purpose and melds with the bounty of nature how can we go wrong?

KAEĀ’s founder Suzan Craig has long been immersed in conservation. A deep appreciation of nature and its incredible healing powers, including those of New Zealand’s native plants, has been part of the Māori (native community in New Zealand) culture for generations. She already has a family history not just in conservation, but in organic honey making and beekeeping. Both of which go back generations in her family in New Zealand.

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By working with native plants and creating Tahi’s (her Honey Brand, and a productive nature sanctuary and eco-retreat) biodiversity-positive honey, Suzan began to understand the potential of nature to rebalance and protect stressed, fragile skin and restore natural beauty.

A passionate ecopreneur, one who herself was seeking clean skincare, it was a natural step to partner with Danièle Ryman, a global authority on natural health and beauty. KAEĀ was born by uniting plant science and New Zealand active botanicals from Tahi’s own UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey.

Driven by Tahi’s sustainability values, KAEĀ upholds the same standards of quality and care in the skincare collection.

The wisdom of plants here is merged with green science to create a range of highly effective, bioactive products that treat the skin holistically for exceptional results while supporting the biodiversity of New Zealand’s precious flora and fauna for generations to come. So heal your own skin and heal the ‘skin of the planet’

The company’s philosophy is, that what we take from the land should be replenished. To that end, 100% of the profits go back into award-winning conservation and community projects. Another win-win.

“He kura tangata, e kora e rokohanga; he kura whenua ka rokahanga.”
“Possessions are temporary things compared to the land.”

There are four cornerstone products in the range


An activating nutri-rich cleanser

A 3-in-1 cocooning cleanser removes impurities, melts away make-up and nourishes the skin. Developed with Tahi UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey to actively purify and clean, leaving skin feeling refreshed, rebalanced and glowing with vitality.  For all skin types, particularly dry, dehydrated, and sensitised skin. It cleanses impurities and clears congestion, balances and purifies, gently removes make-up as well as soothes and nourishes

The cleanser is formulated with antimicrobial, free-radical fighting UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey, cleansing Kumerahou and natural healers Horopito, and Mānuka. With Elderberry extract, Kiwi Seed, Marula and Hemp Seed oils, rich in phytonutrients and bioflavonoids to balance break-out-prone skin and promote healthy cell renewal.

It also contains, Apricot Kernel seed oil, Elderberry fruit extract, Hemp seed oil, Horopito extract, Kiwifruit seed oil, Kumerahou extract Tahi UMF 15+ Mānuka honey and Marula oil


An optimal concentration for ultimate skin nutrition

Infused with skin-enriching phytonutrients and Tahi’s biodiversity-positive UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey, a pure botanical concentrate helps calm inflammation, strengthen the skin’s barrier to boost moisture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The result is ultra-nourished, visibly rejuvenated skin. For all, including dry and fatigued skin showing signs of ageing.

Action wise it supports healthy collagen formation (for skin regeneration), whilst reducing trans-epidermal water loss and moisturises while strengthening cell integrity. The antioxidants protect against free radicals whilst it is alo antibacterial to purify and clear

It is rejuvenating, restoring, moisturising, and nourishing for soft, toned, radiant, healthy-looking skin. This ultra-rich balm is loaded with targeted botanicals including extracts and therapeutic essential oils. Scientifically formulated to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, while protecting against bacteria and inflammation, creating a restorative ecosystem for the skin. Key ingredients include Tahi UMF 15+ Mānuka honey, Harakeke seed oil, Jojoba oil, Kawakawa leaf extract, Macadamia nut oil, sweet Almond oil as well as Wheatgerm oil the Rejuvenator essential oil blend


Phyto-charged booster for instant hydration

A light, omega-charged face oil that rapidly penetrates the skin to deliver nature’s finest 26+ cell-nourishing, skin-renewing botanicals to protect and regenerate for visibly vitalised, naturally radiant skin. For all skin types, including dehydrated, dull, fatigued, and stressed skin. 

Balances and supports healthy cell transfer (regeneration of the epidermis) and works as a great hydrator that also strengthens cell integrity whilst reducing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) with an antioxidant that protects against free radicals. This oil revitalises, replenishes, and refines hydrated, supple, soft, soothed skin.

This phytonutrient-packed formulation supports healthy skin renewal every day, with nourishing, free-radical defending, collagen boosting superfruits, vitamins A & E and Omega fatty acids, maximised by our synergistic essential oil blend. Key ingredients include Apricot kernel oil, Blackcurrant seed oil, Harakeke seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Kiwifruit seed oil, Marula seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Prickly Pear seed oil, Radish seed extract, Sacha Inchi seed oil and the Vitaliser essential oil blend.

Lastly in the collection find,


Intensive care for skin repair

The SOS ‘Save our Skin’ balm is a multitasking wonder-worker, pumped with super-soothing botanical concentrates and Tahi’s biodiversity-positive UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey to calm irritations, protect against bacteria, and rescue skin that needs salvation.  Good for any extremely dry, red or irritated skin (hands, feet, heels, elbows, cuticles, lips). This has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – to support healing, reduces trans-epidermal water loss, strengthens cell integrity and has antioxidants that protect against free radicals. it will repair, replenish and relieve for soft, soothed, rescued skin.

This moisturising, antibacterial skin defender helps combat free radicals and environmental aggressors. Super-soothing botanical concentrates of Kawakawa Leaf extract and Harakeke Seed oil – rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients – help calm inflammation, and boost healthy cell regeneration. Key ingredients include Tahi UMF 15+ Mānuka honey, Harakeke seed oil, Jojoba oil, Kawakawa leaf extract, Macadamia Nut oil sweet Almond oil, Wheatgerm oil and the rescuer Essential Oil blend.

With so much talk of ‘giving back’ KAEĀ really does live up to the standards that many aspire to and even some claim to. But most importantly the company is built not for singular profit, but a far greater version of profit. to pay the workers and almost as if there is a payback to the planet.

A company that is biodiverse positive, carbon negative and directly reinvests 100% of all profits back into the land to secure its future for generations to come.

By this brand investing in this full circle approach, they are restoring the land and rewilding the native flora and fauna helping us all to have a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem that goes beyond carbon neutral status for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

They have planted nearly half a million native, diverse trees to date, and have seen the number of bird species in their area increase from 14 to 71 in less than twenty years, including many rare or endangered species including the Tūi one of the bird that has returned.

Ultimately it means not feeling guilty about buying beautiful products because as you buy you do good, you give back, and you protect. If every product made, had these values imagine how much more we could heal ourselves and our beautiful world; responsible buying is our future.

Find out more about the whole brand philosophy and products here KAEA

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