Flowing; Scents of Cities

By Jo Phillips

Everyone has their favorite cities that they love. The simple memories, sights or smells of something can remind us of those places, instantly. Wanting to get back there is the eternal goal, in hopes of recreating a few memories if we can. Getting back to simplicity is something Nick Steward wants to bring back to the perfume industry. After working as a creative director for L’Artisan Parfumeur, he created Gallivant. With the help of two independent perfumers Karine Chevallier, who’s based in Paris and Giorgia Navarra, who resides in Venice, Steward launched a collection of four unisex fragrances that are the essence of cool. Inspired by famously loved cities such as Brooklyn, Istanbul, London and Tel Aviv, these perfumes, like the influential metropolis they were named after, explore the different attributes that makes each city unique. Gallivant is about the adventure of travel, the way it makes one feel, and the excitement each beloved city brings. The design of these four fragrances are for the nomad, with bottles that are travel friendly, 30 ml in size, and perfect to throw in your already packed overnight bag.

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Brooklyn: The musky tones of bergamot, squeezed lemon, and orange create a spicy, energetic fragrance. Brooklyn, with its bustling passersby, is filled with this electricity and spark that is reflected in this fragrance. That on-the-go spirit that is felt throughout the city on a warm May day, is reflected in the heart tones of magnolia and orris root that give it its warmth.  Base notes include white woods, benzoin, amber and musk which emulate the glow of the cool night sky on a summer night in the city.

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Istanbul: The combination of old world and new world collide in this fragrance. Istanbul’s rich history is aromatic with notes of cardamom, red thyme, and bergamot. The culture of yesteryear mixed with the new life of a growing city is what makes the fragrance a blend of warm and woodsy with fresh and modern. Other notes include lavender, Egyptian geranium, patchouli, myrrh and vanilla. Infused with the finest essences, Istanbul Eau de Parfum is an imagination of the senses.

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London: The diversity of London is what makes the city a hub of culture. With each borough, the city is alive with different flavors. This rainy city gives life to so many historic places which this perfume mirrors. A combination of cucumber and violet leaves, this floral fragrance is lush and earthy. Rose oil, leather, sandalwood, and patchouli are some of the notes that create a rich undertone to describe this lively town.

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Tel Aviv: Warming tones of clementine, bergamot, and blackcurrant transcend the intense, rich fragrance expressed for the city of Tel Aviv. These spicy, exotic flavors are bright and inviting, like the city itself. In it, the heart notes are true floral combinations of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose oil and freesia. Base notes include sandalwood, musks, liatrix and benzoin. The beauty is how elegant they meld into a perfume that tells a story of rich history.

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The focus of these perfumes were to create simple, beautiful scents that remind us of our favorite places. The compactible, on-the-go design was for the traveler at heart, whose eagerness to explore is reflected in their taste in fragrances. Brooklyn, Istanbul, London and Tel Aviv are available exclusively at Roullier White.

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