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By Jo Phillips

Want to flush out nasty toxins? Then pour yourself some tea


Most of us are weary of any trend that involves detoxing. But if there is a simple detox drink that may not do anything else but help you to stay healthy, would you give it a try? Being healthy should be our mantra than to play with your health by gimmicks. We are here to talk about the detox tea diet which is now counted as a weight loss tool while helping you clean out your colon.

Teas to detox

Usually a tea detox diet involves drinking one or a combination of several kinds of teas to flush out toxins. But for weight loss you can add more ingredients that help to boost your metabolism. Most detox diets include the most common detox teas such as dandelion, senna, oolong and yerba mate that may last from three to 21 days.

Teas for detox health benefits

One of the conservative thoughts of detoxifying your body was to supplement your well-balanced diet with a tea that has high levels of antioxidants and specifically formulated to improve liver function and digestive organ function. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, so it might help you to also reduce the risk of cancer.

Along with this, it helps to detoxify your body by helping purify your blood, flush out the toxins, treat constipation, and enhance digestive functions in the body. Its fat-burning properties make green tea an integral part of slimming tea for detox clan. Yet another tea called Senna tea is a popular detox beverage which acts as a laxative and a diuretic. You may also see yourself lose weight by expelling built-up fecal material and secreting water while consuming it. Apart from these, some commercial tea drinks contain a list of herbs, such as guarana, ginseng, bitter orange and kelp which have different weight loss benefits that include from keeping up your energy and suppress your appetite.

Why You Lose Weight

If detox teas can cause a loss of water and waste material from your body then they surely have the ability to reduce your body weight. However, do not always follow the potentially claims of weight loss about tea detox diets which promises to help you lose 20 lbs. in two weeks and so on. This is because the amounts of actual fat you lose while on a tea detox diet depends on how many calories you take in. So if you are having detox teas and then gobble a cheese burger, don’t expect it to work wonders in slimming you. The internet also talks about weight loss with the help of herbal slimming detox tea.  You will find a wide variety of all-natural detox teas out there.

On a liquid fruit and vegetable diet plan, you might consume 500 calories daily, or only 25 percent of the calories most women need to maintain their current weight this along with herbal detox tea diet can help you drop nearly 1 lb. weight every two to three days as per your body.

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