Reverence to Decadence

By Gaurav Gujar

The moon is white, fresh snow is white, some clouds are white, salt is white, jasmines are white; many of us has an individualistic relationship with the colour white. Many believe that, the beginning of every beautiful thing is white and yet for so many, white in itself feels so complete. From the spiritual awakening to hedonistic fashion trends, discover the leap from reverence to decadence here.

Image left: Hannah Taylor-Eddington; @hannahte_photo

Imagine sitting in front of a big white empty wall and the goodness, elegance and perfection of simple white engulfing you. For every person the meaning of white is different, the memories attached are different, and surely the resonance may be different, pulling you towards the light and innocence.

In various cultures, the colour white is perceived differently. In the western world, the bride wears white which symbolizes purity, elegance and peace. On the other hand, in many Asian cultures like China, India and Korea, white is worn at funerals and un-dyed hues of white are for mourning; but it is the positivity, spirituality and moods of quietness symbolized with white, that matters.

In Peru, white is associated with angels, good health and time. Ancient Egyptians and Romans had their priests wear white robes, some rabbis wear white especially on particularly holy days as a sign of purity. Yet in France, interestingly, white was the royal colour of kings. In the early age of architecture, white marble and white tiles however portrayed modernity and simplicity. White has been associated with perfection, goodness, honesty, purity and royalty, yet it also has other a little more ‘rock and roll’ associations with it.

In 1990, London-based fashion designer Rifat Ozbek launched an all-white collection which he spoke of, as a way to cleanse his palette, after many seasons of multiple uses of colour in his designs.

By this time acid house music was steeped in London clubs, raves, house parties and illegal dance events. In the midst of this party time, the trend of white clothing came straight from the catwalk to club-land. This blend of acid music and all-white fashion swept across the globe. The all-white collection became associated with this hedonistic behaviour with many clubbers dancing the night away at clubs on beaches in raves, all dressed in white. Suddenly white was the colour of decadence and hedonism.

These dancers raising their hands to the air looked almost like they were dancing and praying at the same time, a meeting of spirit and dance. So, the modern-day spirituality and the hedonistic lifestyle fused flawlessly.

Music took them to heaven yet smell can have exactly that effect so if you cant get to a rave now then maybe music and scent can help? Fragrances are a powerful medium, a conduit to emotions. Initio parfum privésHedonist collection is the fantasy turned reality.

Initio Parfums Privés is an exquisite French perfume house that has mastered the alchemy of blending the highest quality natural ingredients and bestowing the sensual aphrodisiac-like fragrances to the world. The brand plays with the balance created between heady woody notes and the freshness of fruity and floral notes. The Hedonist collection is a celebration of the ideals of decadence and hedonism and is so seductive in many ways. In this collection, there are two fragrances.

Musk Therapy

This particular fragrance definitely justifies ‘therapy’ in its name as indeed it is therapeutic to the pleasure receptors in your body. The subtle release of eroticism by the addictive milky-velvety notes is a mood changer in this elixir.

Bergamot and Mandarin open giving a refreshing citrus top and become the perfect amalgamation with white magnolia and cassis that oozes a sweet, fruity and slightly animalistic edge to the scent.

The base notes are distinct with white sandalwood, white musk and rose musk; altogether providing the sensual woody notes, making it a perfect alternative paradise for the soul.


The latest offering called Rehab under this Hedonist collection promises an ecstatic return to pleasure.

Bergamot known as the “prince of citrus”, is refreshingly floral, herbal and bright with citrus, that here compliments the seductive notes of calming lavender.

Cedarwood and Sandalwood offer earthy, woody and milky comforting undertones with Patchouli adding earthy notes which sit alongside Hedione for a jasmine-like floral note that all meet together with hints of spicy hot black pepper that balances the harmony of this mesmerizing fougère.

The base note of musk makes this perfume sensual and magnetic with notes engulfing you thoroughly.

The Hedonism of the colour white is here perfectly portrayed by this INITIO Parfums Privés collection. These elixirs bring feverish pleasure to us via sublime natural ingredients in perfect harmony. A small slice of heaven in a bottle.

Find out more about INITO Parfums Privés here.

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