Reviewed: Submotion Orchestra at KOKO

By Pascal Ebner


.Cent was invited to hear the phenomenal Submotion Orchestra live in London and yet again the seven-piece band ensured to make the night at KOKO unforgettable. If you don’t happen to know the band – it is almost impossible to pigeonhole their sound: A mix of dubstep, electronic, smooth jazz (can’t forget that trumpet) and a pinch of classic – Submotion Orchestra make it really difficult not to enjoy their music, but why would you anyway?


Submotion Orchestra made sure not to push the audience right into the cold water and started slowly – building up the tension for the more dancey songs. Shrouded in fog and engulfed in spotlights Ruby Wood took centre stage and filled the atmospheric setting of KOKO with her tremendous voice. Seconds after the first song, the location was packed in no time and despite their chilled tunes the crowd was heatin’ up and ready for more.


The band has also released their brand new EP “1968”, featuring tracks “Damn Hot”, “Breathe It In”, “Broken Word”, “Hard To Say” and title track “1968”, which can be purchased on iTunes and via Circus Records.

Have a listen to their splendid sounds from EP “1968” below:

You want to check Submotion Orchestra out yourself? Head over to their official website for all upcoming tour dates and other news. While you’re at it, why not follow them on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud for new tunes and more.

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