RIP; Mr Rock And Roll Love Songs.

By Jo Phillips


It was Thursday night, alternative night at Jackson’s nightclub Staines. We were busy dancing the night away, he and his friend, propped up the wall, thinking they were too cool to grace the establishment. I enquired after them. They were Cymon Eckel and Andrew Weatherall.

Several weeks later at the Court Jester pub, Windsor, we met in the flesh. Cymon and I became an item, Andrew and I shook hands.

My best friend Sally, came to Windsor for a night out, she and Andrew became an item; Andrew and I shook hands.

Andrew cooked Sally salmon for dinner; Cymon asked how to cook a tin of potatoes.

I finished my A-levels, Sally worked at the Labour Party, Cymon was a chippie and Andrew worked in Raphael, designer clothes store, Windsor high street.

Andrew ran a sideline in mix tapes which he gave to his friends, unwittingly starting his musical career.


Twenty years later, as I dig out a tape, I smile at the selection of songs from Buddy Holly to the Rolling Stones. Entitled Rock and Roll Love Songs, it spans the extremes of Andrew, from Mr Rock and Roll excess to Mr Mild Mannered romantic.

I will always think of Andrew in terms of rock and roll love songs.

Editors letter – 2004

Reposting after hearing of the death of our beloved friend and contributor the music legend Andrew Weatherall.

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