Ripped: For the Love of Paper

By Jo Phillips


 Wallpaper with cassettes in black and gold by Mini Moderns

Right to Left

 Constellation Cards : Boxed Set of 12  by  Lollypop Designs

Geometric Paper Parcel Tape  by Lollypop Designs

gold tape on top of card by mt washi tape

Golden pleat notebook by Paperblanks

Stickerbomb Skulls book by Laurence King 

Silver gold and bronze pens by Paperchase

Paperclips in tin and scattered by Paperchase

Gold and Black fleur de lis notebook by Paperblanks

Stripe paper mini notebook by designed in London

Rubber stamp from Lollypop Designs

Black notebooks A4 and A5 by Muji

Black and white twine by Lollypop Designs

Post it notes from Paperchase

Rubber skulls by Paperchase


Right to Left at back

 Dandelion clocks wallpaper  by Sanderson

50’s light blue floral wallpaper by Mini Moderns

Soft green with white flowers wallpaper Boutique by Harlequin

Spiro-graph wallpaper  by Sanderson

Green/blue leaf wallpaper by Sanderson

Pale Verdigris triangular wallpaper by Mini Moderns

Teardrop wallpaper Jardin Boheme by  Harlequin

Right to Left at front

Blue and beige film and animation notebook  by Laurence King  for  Magma

Blue yellow geometric “ideas” sketchbook by Paperchase

Origami notepaper  by Lollypop Designs

Light blue Pantone mug designed in London

Coloured double ended  pencils from Paperchase

Pantone tube of pencils from designed in London

3 x notebooks and 3 x cards by diptyque

Red Pantone mug from  designed in London

Card circles with birds by Lollipop Designs


Back, right to left

all rolls of wrapping paper from Paperchase

Envelop address stickers navy & white and turquoise & white by Lollypop Designs

D card by Paperchase

Lilac and blue pens from Paperchase

Coloured tacks by Paperchase

Origami notelet by Lollypop Designs

Embossed pink notebook at back  by Paperchase

Fleur de Lisi notebook  spiral notebook from Paperchase

Pinks and lilacs mini moleskin note books by Moleskin from Paperchase

Blue and Black mid sized notebooks by Moleskin from Paperchase

Red notebook by Aspinals of London

Gold and lilac wallpaper by Mini Moderns

Small and large tubes of wooden coloured pencils both by Muji

Selection pack of striped tapes by by mt washi tape

Box of mini printed cards by Lollypop Designs

Poppy  wallpaper at the front by Sanderson

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