Mineral; Makes for a Ritual

By sora alfatlawi

Embarking on a personal journey, Raymond Cloosterman, travelled with an open mind, discovering some of the world’s best kept beauty rituals, concealed deep in the east.

Astounded with the traditions practised by the locals and the soothing impact it has on their lives, Cloosterman used his life experiences some years later to create Rituals, a brand infusing advanced technology and modernising eastern traditions, to create the world’s first home and body beauty brand. Cloosterman became aware of the differences between cultures, deciding to bring a sense of calamity and wisdom to an otherwise hectic western lifestyle, developing not just a brand, but a lifestyle, a personalised experience tailored to the needs of the individual.

Perhaps the unique philosophy behind this brand is what took this Netherlands based brand from his basement canal apartment to over 500 hundred stores in 25 countries.

Each promoting their own unique philosophy, Rituals carry 6 lines, The Ritual of Sakura, the Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Laughing Buddha, The Ritual of Ayurveda, The Ritual of Hammam and The Ritual of Samurai, all combining home and body, a belief that Clooterman believes are closely interlinked.

“We’re not here to sell you beauty, we’re here to make you feel good.”

So what is the incentive behind this widely successful brand? could it be largely down to its affordable luxury price range?  By electing to invest in the ingredients and less on advertising. Rituals intend to stay cost conscious, aiming to continue offering luxury products and at an expense dissimilar to its counterparts. Quite unlike other brands, Rituals have managed to reach out to a large demographic, with 60% of its user’s female and 40% male.

So Whether you decide to indulge in the Laughing Buddha, aimed to create an enriching atmosphere designed to bring happiness into your everyday life or delve into an ancient Turkish hammam to heal and stimulate, there is a collection designed for every mood. Rituals also carry a men’s line, inspired by the careful grooming of the samurai warriors, aims to portray an appearance of power, confidence and control, with an infusion of organic bamboo and Japanese mint, revitalising and nourishing the skin.

With calming rosewood one of the most widely used and prized materials in India, pine and eucalyptus, The Ritual of Anahata, a limited-edition collection formulated to open your heart to permit you to feel gratitude and compassion to every living thing in your life. Tangerine Tea, Wild Fig, Savage Garden and Precious Amber, available in Parfum d’Interieur and Fragrance Sticks, in Rituals private collection of opulent smelling candles, have been adapted to include 70% sunflower oil, beneficial for both the environment and you.






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