RMZ Foundation; Pioneering Art’s Journey From Gallery To Street

By Mansi Golaniya

How often are we caught up in the frantic pace of city life, rarely stopping to genuinely connect with the world around us? We sometimes overlook the beauty lying in plain sight among the bustling streets and never-ending action. Public art, like an unsaid lover seeking our attention, appears expressly for these times of rediscovery.

Anu Menda, a visionary with an unwavering passion, is on a heartfelt mission to weave the enchantment of art, resilience, and innovation into the very fabric of existence within daily lives.

The RMZ Foundation, (RMZF) born from the dreams of this soul, is not merely an art organization; it’s a luminous tapestry where art, sustainability, and technology entwine, painting a vivid portrait for a radiant tomorrow.

Since its establishment, RMZF has been dedicated to improving human well-being. Their objective is nothing less than a symphony in which art, sustainability, and technology dance in unison.

At its core, the foundation is dedicated to putting art into public spaces for all to engage and enjoy. An ideal, so that all people can engage every day in art; to remove the stigma and intimidating need to go to a ‘gallery’ to enjoy art. To engage with it on the way to shops or work in everyday situations.

Martand Khosla’s artistry is a profound exploration of urban life, its intricacies, and its disruptions.

With the launch of art-related programmes, the RMZ Foundation initially focused on Indian artists and highlighting their work within their country and then went on to explore non-Indian-based Artists.

The Foundation began its creative journey in 2017 by creating five massive artworks for public areas. Since then, they’ve collected over 55 modern artists’ sculptural masterpieces, encouraging creativity, innovation, and contemporary artists that inspire and captivate audiences within the public arena. Outside, where people will pass these pieces in their daily lives.

Through its programmes, the RMZF engages the community by enabling and encouraging free access to art, circumstances, and ideas, re-evaluating and broadening the approach to examining art’s function and significance in society. Once a piece of art is put into a public arena the charity brings people to discuss the works with the local community therefore opening up the uninitiated to a new creative world.

With the development of their central Art Centre in the RMZ EcoWorld business park in Bellandur, Bengaluru, India, the RMZ Foundation has brought art to the public. The Gallery, a Sustainable Art Pavilion, and an Art Walk are all part of this location, which provides a dedicated place for art enjoyment.

STEP by Erwin Wurm | Retail Street at EcoWorld 30, Bengaluru

Notably, the EcoWorld gallery receives over a thousand visits every week, demonstrating the organization’s dedication to making art accessible and interesting for the community.

Frieze London, which takes place in October, is a well-known contemporary art fair. It exhibits a wide range of modern and contemporary artworks by renowned and new artists. Alongside the main Frieze centre are a Sculpture Park and a Masters arena.

The event attracts a global audience of art fans, collectors, and professionals, making it an important and influential art world meeting.

The Frieze Sculpture Park 2023 was led by overseen this season by curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. It included 21 notable international artists, whose pieces are meticulously positioned across central London’s Regent’s Park. RMZF made a notable display at Frieze this season in cooperation with Indian artist Suhasini Kejriwal.

Suhasini Kejriwal is a Kolkata-based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in New York and a Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College in London. Her intriguing art merges several mediums smoothly, probing the line between truth and imagination.

‘Garden of Un-Earthly Delights,’ Her evocative art series, was on show at the park. Kejriwal’s artwork is an in-depth study of the natural world, with a concentration on complex shapes and their deep-seated relationships. These works capture not just the visual aesthetics of her work, but also the psychological and historical basis of her creative choices.

Each piece pays tribute to her home garden, which became a key sanctuary throughout the pandemic. Also, her work is a one-of-a-kind excursion into the transnational history of English gardens in India, depicting the fusion of plant species in vibrant layers of images.

Kejriwal’s compositions challenge convention, rejecting orientalist tropes and typical totemic expectations while ultimately emphasising nature’s lasting and timeless effect across many worlds. Kejriwal’s talent extends beyond the canvas, with individual exhibitions of her works that speak to the spirit.

Her adventure continues as she establishes artist-community links with the help of a Hamdasti fellowship. In 2020, she visited her fellow at Harvard University’s South Asia Institute, further expanding her artistic story.

While the foundation had long championed local artists, this new path demonstrated an unshakable dedication to opening doors for talent all across the world. The RMZ Foundation’s mission is to create a symphony of possibilities in which artists from all over the world contribute to an ever-expanding canvas of artistry, inspiring both art aficionados and communities.

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