Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Steph Jones

Currently showing at Fold Gallery is a dual artist exhibition titled Rock Paper Scissors, Jo Hummel and Ellen Hyllemose have collaborated in the space both creating work using paper, exploring the material and forming sculptural pieces that question the 2D materials capabilities. Named after the hand gesture game we all learn as children, one so simple and stripped back as only hands are needed to play, these two artists have created voluminous artworks displaying the possibilities of paper. Read more in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The game of chance, but also for advanced players behavioural analysis, originated in ancient China as a way of fair choosing similar to flipping a coin or pulling the short straw. Each action of the game is represented by hand gestures known universally, the biggest debate being whether to shoot on or after the third count.

The action of paper in the game translates into the chosen medium of the art in the exhibition, bending its limits and exploring its fragile nature by cutting, twisting, layering and painting the material. Paper, being such an important tool for communication and expression has so many applications and can be manipulated in many ways, taking pigment, being folded or curled the actions all of which reflect those hand gestures within the game rock paper scissors.

The rock in the game is resembled in the gallery space and the landscapes in which the art is inspired by, Ellen Hyllemose painting originally depicting the rural landscapes of Denmark then to be cut up and rearranged in shredded curls and loops. Her largest sculptural piece in the exhibition uses this technique and creates a bush-like hanging which brings the usually flat material to life.

The scissors represented the artists themself and the tools they use to manipulate the material and form it into their own vision, using the notion of trial and error in their work as you do in the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Spontaneity and chance are at the heart of both artists creations for the exhibition.

The exhibition is now open at Fold Gallery and runs until the 29th of January, find out more about what they have on here.

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