Romance: Falling For The Wood

By Adrien Communier

We have seen some exciting things during Milan Design Week but if there is anything to remember it by, it is probably Toyota’s newest concept car. In a time where everything is made out of carbon fiber, Toyota made the choice to build their prototype entirely out of wood, creating an emotional electric design and a beautiful piece of art. Made to last through generations of drivers, the “Setsuna” reflects the bond owners build with their vehicles and as the wood ages, the car is passed from one generation to another. The design aims to show how the concept car can get its own character by aging.


It is not the first time that Toyota unveils unexpected designs. In 2015, the vehicle brand launched the Origami Car, a drivable vehicle made with cardboards and inspired by traditional origami craftsmanship. Completely drivable thanks to an electric motor, this life-size replica of the IS Lexus celebrates the Japanese folding paper art.

OrigamiLexusIS-1 OrigamiLexusIS-20

Lexus took things a step further also in 2015 by commissioning ice wheels to Hamilton Ice Sculptors that would actually fit the Lexus NX, playing with blue LEDs in order to create a beautiful and elegant design.


They also took the internet by storm the same year when unveiling Slide. It was the very first Lexus hover-board inspired by the movie “Back to the Future” where Marty McFly is riding the famous engine. The technology uses electromagnets and liquid nitrogen but can only been used in a special designed skate park built by Lexus themselves.


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