Romance: In Love With the Suit

By Adrien Communier

Brighton based tailoring business Gresham Blake has been working for over fifteen years designing pieces for the likes of actor Christian Slater and hip hop artist Plan B. Two weeks ago, “The Gresham Blake Look Book” was launched in Shoreditch, London and the party was hosted by actors Ray Winstone and Steve Coogan.

Gresham Blake

The book is celebrating fifteen years in the tailoring business making unique pieces for various clients. Blake tells it himself in his book: “we have been fortunate enough to make and design a varied mix of traditional and contemporary clothing”. Blake’s impressive work in not just about making elegant traditional suit for men. Over the years, the designer was able to create perfectly fitted and original pieces with innovative patterns like the one he used for the burger suit, specially made for Jude Ranasinghe for the New York Burger Week.“The Gresham Blake Look Book” is more than just a book, it pays a vibrant tribute through Blake’s clients’ photographs and interviews to the genius talent of Gresham Blake.

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To complete a suit there is nothing better than adding the very famous pocket square and Cent is proud to present you “The Pocket Square – 22 Essential Folds” by Alexander Phillips. With its twenty-two ways of folding a pocket square, the book is a remarkable source of information accompanied by easy-to-follow instrutions and pictograms. Grab a copy to know exactly how to fold your own pocket square.

61xiDNS3xRL“The Gresham Blake Look Book” is only for promotional purpose. Any over runs will be sold and all profits will go to Chestnut Tree House hospice. Feel free to visit Gresham Blake’s website.

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