Romance: The Perfect Summer Date

By Shannon Brien

For many of us our first brush with romance occurred in the confines of the cinema. The lights are down, you’re sitting close together sharing popcorn and your hands ‘accidently’ brush each others as you go in for another handful.

However, these days we look for more excitement in our dates and a trip to the cinema with a good looking guy or gal no longer cuts it. Imagine watching Romeo + Juliet inside Coventry’s Cathedral ruins or Shawshank  Redemption in the confines of Oxford’s Old Prison, Cult Screens this summer will be showing the latest and classic movies in quirky locations across England.


From the beginning of June until 10th September, Cult Screens will be bringing all your favourite films and new releases like The Revenant and Star Wars the Force Awakens in Basingstoke, Maidenhead, Oxford and Twickenham amongst other locations. The events are fully seated but there are more comfortable and intimate options including cushions or bean bags for those who want a bit of a snuggle.


Each venue will become home to a mouth watering array of street food stalls where you will also be able to purchase craft beers and pitchers of cocktails with 10% of all bar profits going to Parkinsons UK, donations are also welcomed.

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