Ronnie Scott’s Candlelit Haven

By Chloe Mercier-Legros

London pulsates with electric energy, its streets alive with a symphony of diversity where neon signs and hidden alleyways coexist. Nestled within this vibrant embrace is the enchanting world of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Inspired by this iconic venue, Discothèque created a gateway, where the spirit of jazz lives on in every lingering note and intoxicating scent. Find out more in Ronnie Scott’s Candlelit Haven

On Frith Street, an unassuming entrance gives way to a world that transcends time and transports you to the heart of the jazz universe. As you cross the threshold, you are enveloped in a casually elegant ambience. The dimmed lights cast a warm, golden glow, and the crimson velvet seats call for someone to hold.

Most of the time, the background is filled with the noises of a small crowd, accompanied by the tinkling of glasses. Often, the room vibrates with anticipation, all eyes turned to a stage, bathed in a soft spotlight, ready to showcase the virtuosity of talented musicians.

Further into the world of Ronnie Scott, is hidden a small heaven. The upstairs bar is a vibrant sanctuary where the music flows as freely as conversations. There, a counter borders the wall, where visitors can enjoy a variety of drinks while listening to more intimate musical performances.

Founded by star-saxophonist Ronnie Scott in 1959, the club quickly became a home for jazz enthusiasts. Over the years, it has hosted countless iconic performances by jazz legends such as Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald, imposing itself as one of the world’s most esteemed jazz venues.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club is not just a club, it’s a portal to an era where the rich jazz history weaves its magic into the present. It’s a place where time slows, and the outside world fades away, leaving only the rhythms and the collective heartbeat of a community brought together by their love for this art form.

Inspired by this extraordinary place, the home fragrance brand Discothèque created a one-of-a-kind candle.  As the flame dances gracefully on top of the wick, the flickering glow transports you to a realm where jazz permeates the air. Upstairs is the scent of Ronnie Scott’s famous upstairs bar, and with one inhale the nose is filled with Violet Leaves and Peaches, spiced with a hint of Freesia, grounded on a strong base of Tobacco and Cinnamon.

Discothèque’s products are not only sustainable, and ethically produced and use high-quality ingredients, the jar carefully holding the wax is also a work of art. The vibrant and layered glass is a visual representation of the whirlwind of emotions provoked by Ronnie Scott’s atmosphere, satisfying the senses.

Whether you seek a moment of solitude or the company of like-minded souls, this candle serves as a gateway to the upstairs bar. It transforms any space into an intimate oasis where the lingering echoes of laughter and the whispers of melodies mingle.

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