Roofing design

By Jo Phillips

Architectural Roofing Designs That Are in Style. From colonial, gothic, or historic roofing styles, to A-frames and metal sheets, each building has its own architectural style. Not only does the design of the roof matter in terms of aesthetics, but the material used is just as important. Certain architectural roofing styles must be built with specific materials and functions in mind.

Right now, there are easily a hundred different roofing styles that are really popular. The most common are flat, gable, metal, and anything that is energy efficient. If you are looking for a new roofing style to add to a structure, these options will have you styling in no time.

Simplicity with Gable

Easily the most common design for homes, the gable roof style is a simple triangle shape with a steep slant. Gable roofs are beneficial as protection against different weather conditions. The style and angle mean that water doesn’t pool, and any rainfall or snow just slides down the sides with ease. A gabled roof also allows for extra space because an attic can be added without much fuss. This roofing style also gives any structure a homely feel and is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

There are a few downsides, however. They aren’t well suited in hot climates because they can trap heat and they won’t withstand a hurricane or similar weather extremes. But they are very simple to install and will enhance the appearance of any building structure

Environmentally Friendly with Corrugated Roofing

If you want something durable, easy to work with, and safe for your environment, there are options like corrugated roofing and bitumen-based products. With corrugating roofing sheets, you get the best of many worlds. It is robust against harsh climates and weather conditions, can be painted in many colours, and is simple, yet affordable to install. The materials used for corrugated roofing are lightweight, so any homeowner can install it themselves with a bit of research.

One of the best things about bitumen, aluminium, stainless steel, and copper corrugated roofing, is that they don’t wear away easily. Very little rust forms over the years, so no additional harmful chemicals and odours are released into the atmosphere. No plastics are used in the making of corrugated sheeting either, which is a plus.

Unique Effect with a Shingle Roof

Designed specifically with the insulation of the building in mind, shingle rooves come in different shapes, styles, and materials. The tiles or shakes are closely packed together to ensure that no heat escapes while keeping cold air and rain from getting inside. There are asphalt shingles that are very strong and the optimal choice if minimal maintenance and upkeep is your aim. Solar shingles are ideal if you want a long-term investment that will cost next to nothing after a few years.

Then, you get wooden shakes that are especially popular in colder climates where it snows often. It gives that wooded effect as though you live in a fancy lodge in the forest. This type of shingle is more expensive to install and requires a bit more effort to maintain and repair though, so be sure you have the time, money, and energy if you want wooden shingles.

Flat Roof for Additional Space

You will most likely see a flat roof on an industrial or commercial structure such as office buildings and factories. They can be installed on a regular home, but that will require more maintenance on the homeowner’s side. The roofing style is useful when an architect needs to build around heating or cooling systems for supermarkets and the like. They have a bigger surface area to build additional structures on the top.

The only real problem that you will experience with this roofing style is water damage in your home if you like that style. There is no physical way for any water to escape. Regular maintenance and roof inspections can help prevent expensive repair jobs if you are very diligent about keeping your roof in top shape.

Make a Statement with Skillion

If you want the style and versatility of a flat roof without worrying about water collecting and damaging the structure, a skillion roof is a way to go. This simple design idea was created with how the building would appear in mind. The whole idea is to have a sleek and elegant design that can still be built in areas with heavy rain and snowfall.

A skillion roof is essentially flat but angled slightly. You can still install some small appliances like a ventilation system, but it might detract from the overall effect you want your roof to bring. The skillion design can also be used in conjunction with other roofing styles like the flat roof. Most modern houses have been built with combination ideas where you might even find a gable style on one side with mansard roofing on the other.

For both architects and homeowners, combining style with functionality can be tough, but in the end, it’s a rewarding challenge. With all these roofing styles you have many options to design something truly unique. 

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