Rose Power

By Noemie Hamon

Imagine walking into a park full of blooming flowers. Down the aisle, on the left there are immaculate white lilies, on the right colourful tulips flourish, red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, it is a floral rainbow. However, all these flowers are really only here for their beauty. One, however, is said to have incredible benefits, a scent that can perfume a room and charm, everyone, in it. No matter the colour of this flower, it is said to be the queen of the garden. Do you dare discover what kind of flower it is? Read more about it in Rose Power. Main Image Jason Yates.

The park is full of flowers, all more beautiful than the other, however, only one catches the eye of the visitor. One watches all over the others. This flower steals the attention of all those walking, who are bewitched in front of it and forgets all the other flowers. Its name? Rose.

This flower is the queen because of its smell that entrances people and charms them. This flower also has great powers; it has so many benefits. From makeup to skincare, this flower is a must-have ingredient in beauty formulas, just as much as to bring joy to a garden or park or even in a vase in your home.

First, this flower has hydrating and cleaning powers. It gently takes care of your skin and permits a purifying and energizing cleanse. From a health point of view, this flower is also a winner because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. After all, who doesn’t dream of having healthy, soft and invigorated skin?

However, this precious component is also the ally of certain types of skin. First, for wrinkled skin, this flora has elements that have anti-ageing virtues. For the younger, it also prevents premature ageing of the skin. Then, for sensitive skin, this ingredient is most suitable, its softness, hydration and purifying virtues make it a perfect product for the most delicate of skins.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that so many brands use this product in their skincare and beauty lines. A couple of new items to the market celebrate this floral queen.

The first new brand that can be highlighted for its perfect match of rose with squalane is from Biossance. This brand was created in 2003 with an ambition to change the world. First, they were laboratories and they developed patented technology that created an accessible cure for malaria. Then they turned their research toward beauty.

In their new product, a vegan lip balm, Biossande has perfectly linked rose with Wakame Algae. They used ceramides, hyaluronic acid and Sugarcane-derived squalane to create this product. This hygienic 15ml tube contains rose was which is fragrance and essential-oil free. The final product moisturises, smooths and plumps lips.

However, Biossance is not the only brand that created products using the queen of flowers. Sanctuary Spa, initially a place founded by a love story. In 1977, the Sanctuary Spa opened in Covent Garden, it was a place created by a man madly in love with his ballerina wife. It was a place where she and the other ballerinas of the Royal Opera house could go and rest and have spa treatments.

This lovely brand went on to produce a great selection of beauty and wellness products. This June 2021, Sanctuary Spa launched its newest product, the 300g salt scrub. It is composed of pink Himalayan salts known for their healthy virtues, with almond oil, Vitamin E and kaolin clay with of course magnetic damask rose. The final product encourages you to scrub away dead skin cells from your body; a little massage and you have clean and soft skin with a floral scent.

The power of the rose from its health benefits to its divine scent and its exquisite beauty can never be underestimated. It brings joy from our outside beauty to our inside garden.

You can find Biossance lip balm here and Sanctuary Spa products here.

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