Royal Sapphire by Thameen London

By Ornella Biagetti

Royal Sapphire is a new enchanting fragrance, one of the jewels in the Crown from fragrance brand Thameen London.

It is a homage to the well known St. Edward’s Sapphire, the rose-cut gem placed with pride on top of the Imperial State Crown. The crown, worn by Queen Victoria for her coronation in 1838, is now housed in the Hall of the Jewels of the Crown in the Tower of London.

The story of St. Edward’s sapphire stretches further back in time than any other gemstone in the British regalia. The first time we hear about the sapphire in recorded history is when King Edward the Confessor wore this gemstone mounted on a ring during his coronation ceremony in 1042. Before being a king, Edward the Confessor is said to be very close to the Church since the day his mother consecrated him to God, during the difficult period of exile in Normandy.

The reason why sapphires were so dear to members of the Church was because of the popular tradition relating sapphires to the idea of purity. The gemstone’s blue colour, characteristic of the sky, symbolises the connection between men and the heavens. It’s said that King Edward the Confessor was a very pious man, attentive to keeping his thoughts pure and the big sapphire on his coronation ring was, for him, an assurance that protected him against any negative power. This is because, in medieval times, sapphires were seen as magical objects, giving powers and protection.

Warriors used to give sapphire necklaces to their young wives before going to combat to ensure fidelity. Kings and other members of the ruling elite had these precious blue stones in their garments as protection against death and poisoning. Another esoteric belief of the past was that sapphires have the power to kill spiders and snakes and it is said that in medieval times people actually tested the stones on live animals. If the spider or the snake died that was proof that the sapphire gave protection to its owner. Even to the point that in the 13th Century the French believed that sapphires could transform stupidity into wisdom and irascible people into good tempered ones.

Thameen London created this perfume, inspired by such magical gems, not only as a statement of beauty and elegance but also as a talisman of purity and eternal life. Thameen is a luxury, niche British brand, dedicated to delivering exclusive perfumes made from ingredients sourced with great care and thoroughness.

Think of the brand as the jewellers of perfumery. Every single product from Thameen is the precious result of the union between Eastern opulence and Western refinement, becoming a symbol of beauty and elegance.

They create Extrait Parfums of very high concentration, exquisite quality scents with absolute pure structures that let the rare ingredients sing, to delight the fragrance connoisseurs.

The new fragrance sits in their Sovereign Collection. Thameen is particularly committed to offering a collection of perfumes inspired by the purest of gemstones and the tales behind them.

Royal Sapphire has the eternal blue of the gemstone in liquid form and is treasured in a beautiful bottle, captivating both the eyes and the nose, making every drop a celebration of luxury. The smokey sweetness of Royal Sapphire first attracts the senses with delicate top notes of bergamot and mandarin, soon after opening into orange blossom and jasmine. The base notes of grey amber, patchouli, moss and dry wood are the treasure in the bottom of this secret garden.

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