Creative – Interact

By Jo Phillips

In a world where we are bombarded by information, advertising and imagery the trend towards interactive activities is certainly here to stay. Here we look at creative agency RPM‘s take on a few projects where the interactive experience is everything.

RPM proves that actions do speak louder than words. The independent creative agency believes in purposeful brand experiences that change consumer and shopper behaviour. RPM reflects their clients and creates memorable experiences for their target audiences to engage with. This refreshing and innovative style of brand promotion has brought the fun back into advertising!


A magic collaboration between RPM and Smirnoff the platform ‘Original Nights’ was created. The programme celebrates an alternative and progressive form of entertainment which brought drinking experiences and social interaction. Exciting nights of handpicked contemporary acts, a silent disco, an explosive paint festival and many more brilliant experiences.


An outdoor cinema experience has never been so delightful! RPM and Talisker created the worlds very first sail-in cinema encourages the sailing community to embrace ‘Stories of the Sea’. The creative agency takes the brands ideology that one step further for us to enjoy.


Sky Academy unlocks creative potential in young people. With RPM’s help they encouraged 16-18 year olds to have their first taste in the world of work at Sky. The event offered the new generation of creatives career experience and business challenges that helped promote Sky’s digital application.

RPM‘s work has opened a new door in advertising, creating an immersive world for the rest of us to enjoy. Business’ should invest into this new way of advertising, involve the audience and encourage them to have fun!


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