Ruby: Limited Edition Passion

By Jo Phillips

Stop what you’re doing. Sit down and concentrate for a moment because I have found you The One. A limited edition piece of gorgeousness all for your very own…

Cent - Dolce_collectors

Not just any The One, but the Collector’s Edition from Dolce & Gabbana. Taking inspiration from the iconic symbols treasured by Stefano and Domenico, The One for Him, and The One each bears the imprint of the gold coin on its flacon; a strong motif in Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion collection for 2014 representing the journey of discovery of ancient Sicily and the Greek culture that lies deep within its history.

The profile of mythical Greek gods are emblazoned upon the coins – female for The One and a male for The One for Men – representing wisdom, courage and intelligence.

.Cent Beauty was lucky enough to get hold of the original moodboard used to create the female fragrance, take a look here:

Cent - dolce gabbana the one - moodboard

This limited edition design perfectly captures the spirit of The One, crossing between reality and surrealism, with a strong passionate red representing the female fragrance, and a deep rich sensual brown to personify the male version. Bravo guys!  For the complete Italian addicts, you might also be interested in the whole of the collector’s edition:

cent - dolce-and-gabbana-make-up-christmas-collectors-edition-packshot


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