By Leah Sinclair


The raw, natural material of wood has been great canvas for artist and curator Cedar Lewisohn, who has embraced it as an an art form in his latest exhibition ‘Plywood Transmissions.’

The exhibit which will be displayed at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery, explores Lewisohn’s individual expression in the form of prints of Mesopotamian gods, Masonic symbols, and more. These mysterious and dark themes carved and placed onto wood, can be seen stained in red paint, using the bold and symbolic colour to represent a darker side of Lewisohn’s work and inspiration. 

The series of woodblocks and woodcut prints, also explore the primitiveness of Lewishon’s work, as he embraces the past and steers away from the current digital age. “I’m attracted to the analogue nature of them. The very idea that they are not a digital, video, online, type of thing.”

A return to natural materials, and creative expression in the form of bold characters and symbols branded in red, makes for a very interesting exhibition well worth seeing.

The preview of Plywood Transmissions is Thursday 11th December at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery.

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