Sadie Clayton and Roberta Einer

By Jo Phillips

Two emerging voices showing at London Fashion Week for the first time give .Cent a little insight into their worlds
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A.  What is the best fashion show you have ever seen?
Probably two of McQueen shows: McQueen Platos Atlantis, which I remember watching live streamed and thinking it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Also ‘Voss’ Spring/Summer 2001 – I love how strange and weird this show was. It was really challenging to your creative mind.
B.  What do you think the future if fashion shows are?  Thinking about Burberry topshop etc who now stream or even givenchy opening up their show in NYC to general public
I think the key to a successful show is to engage people, so that they are not just viewers. It’s important that they feel part of the show as this way you are able to spread your message. It becomes more like a performance involving everyone from the models to the viewers.
C.  Please send one picture from your own show/ presentation/ student show or even new collection you feel is the best in the collection and a reason why
These images are a close up scan of my signature hand embroidered silk slip dresses with my own graphics drawn on it. I think it shows off the beautiful detail and quality – all the sequins have been specially laser cut and dyed to guarantee the Highest quality of dressmaking.
A. Oh there are endless amounts that are my favourite that I’ve watched online! Does that count? ha if not the Sorapol shows are always great I like designers that go crazy with concept and the atmosphere of the show space.
B. I think the catwalks are slowly dying down – it’s all about presentations now – I’ve heard so many people say oh presentations are loads better. I think because fashionistas run away with time the presentations usually have a couple of hours window gap so they can stroll in at any point between them. With presentations you can build an amazing installation within the space and really transform it so people are entering your world when you walk in
C. Well I can’t show you anything from my new collection – that’d be cheating, Friday evening is the show day! I have attached a couple from my aw15 presentation, showing my copper metal sculpture. Copper is my thing, love it, can’t live without it! You should see my house ha! When I did my graduate collection I made copper metal sculptures and ever since I try to make at least one for each season. I enjoy it so much, it inspires me just realising what you can make out of copper metal sheets! Photos by : Jon Payne



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