Sandstone Clean

By Jo Phillips

Dusty sandstone canyons, bleaching hot sun, dry deserts may well bring to mind a dirty lonesome cowboy on horseback meandering for days on end, the lonely journey through cracked muddy rock. Those endless movies’ panoramic views consumed during lockdown But what if we suggested Sandstone can also be about clean and beautiful design? New lifestyle brand Never Go Alone comes together with the ‘scent’ of sandstone for a cleaner ending than any hot and dirty cowboy. Find out more in Sandstone Clean here

In this day and age, we don’t think twice about cleaning our hands or carrying around sanitisers and generally are probably a lot cleaner than the above-mentioned cowboy. It was the pandemic of 2020 that changed the whole, more or less, for all.

Suddenly we had to change everything we did and rethink our lives. Alongside that, we had to be super conscious of caring for ourselves and others in ways many never had before.

We all walked around with masks on looking rather odd and carried horrid hand sanitisers that made our hands dry, cracked and sore. We no longer really were able to adorn ourselves with lovely clothes or makeup, there was no one to see and nowhere to go. But we could look inwards…

After ‘getting used to it’ some saw much nicer designer or pretty face coverings appear, yet our hands were still sore. An interesting time in history that no doubt will be well-discussed in the future.

One interesting thing that did come out of this lockdown was enterprise, new thinking and ways to approach this new uncharted world.

Our daily rituals may well have altered and we may have new habits but as it always is new creative thinking brings expansion to us.

Meet brand Never Go Alone who have very cleverly designed a collection of go-anywhere wellness products, ones that you want to be seen with, and aid you to travel calmly, and cleanly but with added style.

It started out with hand sanitisers, well it started out with Covid. London-based entrepreneur Nga Nguyen,(alongside California-based Creative Director Carl Adelson) whose early exposure to the sickness in 2020 got a lot of kickback for her travelling during the global fashion weeks, ultimately getting sick in London with Covid. Whilst very ill she came up with the idea of a collection for sanitisation.

Her unique take was to create a collection of ‘self-care sanitation’ Along came Never Go Alone, a series of protective products beautifully designed within the realm of wellness. After all, we must evolve in order to respond to the most urgent challenges of contemporary life.

The company bought design studio Layer’s, Benjamin Hubert to work on the design, which is key to the feeling of calm and also of ‘intuitive’ design of the products alongside, of course, sustainability.

The inaugural collection, ‘Edition One: Sandstone’ is a range of products that reimagine personal wellness, designed to create a memorable sensory experience with thoughtfully selected ingredients and sublimely tactile materials.

The collection is made up of refillable hand sanitisers, a refillable sanitising wipes case, two different styles of containers for the mist (all refillable) bamboo recyclable wipes, hand cream and a candle. But this is a collection that has an emotive response for the user, bringing instant calm, via its ergonomic designs made up of gentle stone coloured with orange highlights. The stone colour calming, and the orange brings cheer, energy and dynamism.

To hold each product is to feel its tactility, and intuitive functionality, alongside the key of a bespoke scent, mixed with sanitisation. This is the cornerstone of the collection, not only are the products designed to be utterly desirable, but they also work and are scented in ways to make the experience pleasing for the user rather than a dull necessity, or smell of rubbing alcohol.

Durable in order to reduce single-use products with refills available. The containers are made of post-consumer materials and FSC Certified recyclable and biodegradable packaging yet at the same time are tactile and emotive to use.

In order to be able to be labelled sanitisers products must have 65% alcohol which these do but without the horrid smell that comes with. Instead, there is a scent that runs through this first collection, from sanitisers via wipes to hand cream all the way to the scented candles.

Opening with Juniper, Cardamom, black Pepper Corriander, citrus greens and Mint, bring for a warm bright soft spice opening. The middle of the scent goes into Lavandin, Rose, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon leaf bringing a floral again warmth yet calming whilst the base of the scent is Sandalwood Ceder and Musk for a cuddle of warmth and wood.

Science has after all proved that aromatherapy can improve depression, pain, anxiety and overall mood. The notes of Cardamom and Sandalwood in the candle have also been specifically chosen for their abilities to calm and soothe. Sandalwood has been shown to significantly improve fatigue, calm the mind and act as a mood enhancer. Cardamon is one of the most ancient spices, known for its healing properties, and as an aromatic, it can have a soothing and relaxing effect.

Each of the products needs subtle adaptations to ensure the fragrance is optimum but this scent runs across all products

The hand sanitisers contain replenishing botanicals that include Aloe Vera, Ginseng, and Green Tea Extract, alongside Calendula and so it is guaranteed to hydrate and protect.

It’s also worth knowing that the inaugural collection, ‘Edition One: Sandstone’ will be joined with new scents going forward.

Right now, we are not all consumed with frightening illnesses but so many of us have changed the ways we enter the outside world. Now, however, we can go out with designed safety, and wellness products so we Never Go Alone anymore.

To find the whole collection please visit here

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