Saturate; Boys Club

By Georgina Sussman

As the women’s market is saturated with beauty and grooming products, the men’s market is evolving and becoming more popular, especially with the demand for these products. With brands including or beginning to include ranges of beauty and grooming products for men, the industry has potential to grow and give men what they need holistically.

Green People are sensitive skin experts who specialise in natural and organic cosmetics, they target all genders and ages, making sure that their products are safe for everyone, including babies. They’re 90% natural and organic, 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty free, so your morals and lifestyles don’t have to be compromised for a brand that works.


 £39.95 at Green People


With the launch of their Gym Bag Heroes From Green People For Men, they’ve created a wonderful kit of must-haves for your post gym routine.  The products come in a brushed black canvas washbag perfect for the gym showers, or for your showers at home. In the bag there are three award-winning products.


The first is NO.6 Detox Shower Gel, which can be used on both hair and skin. With the ingredients including clove, pineapple, rosemary and seaweed, this product exfoliates, anti-inflames and hydrates the skin post workout for a fresh, clean glow and scent.


NO.8 Thyme and Prebiotics Deodorant, a roll on that kills the bacteria that causes body odour without clogging pores. With the inclusion of Shea butter, it shouldn’t irritate the skin, making this deodorant ideal for pre and post gym, being strong and effective.


Finally the NO. 10 Itch Away Shampoo for dry and flaky scalps is included. With components of aloe vera, pineapple, rosemary and tea tree, this little-goes-a-long-way shampoo is perfect for your post-gym shower, relieving the scalp of any dryness and smelling like a dream.


John Frieda have a reputation for providing salon professional hair care that’s tailored to all hair types and have taken this a step further with their new men’s collection. JF Man is inspired by the ‘fresh from the barber’ look and has been designed to keep the appearance of long-lasting barber-worthy hair that always seems to be so hard to recreate at home. The men’s range has two collections, The Lift System and The Control System.


Available exclusively at Boots


Lift System is for flat and lifeless hair that needs a lift. Lift System adds Strength and volume to the hair with their Energising Shampoo and adds texture and lift through the use of  the Lifting Clay Crème and Humidity Blocking Hairspray.

Control System is for thicker, curly and unruly hair that may need to be tamed. The Taming Shampoo and calming conditioner tames the hair whilst nourishing it whilst the Smoothing Crème, Sculpting Paste and Grooming Gel makes hair smooth and strong.

These products aren’t just women’s products with a men’s label on it but they’re made up of different ingredients and formulas to attain the grooming needs and wants of each man, making them staple products in your collection.

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