Saturate; Cooking with Scent

By Jo Phillips

CULTI Milano was founded in 1990 by the eclectic interior designer, Alessandro Agrati, who realised how much fragrance can impact an environment. By drawing inspiration from rattan handwork to create the first stick diffuser, the idea of room diffusers began. By developing production in this segment, they became the world’s leading brand for this innovative idea that is widely used all over the world.

After this product took the world by storm, they created new concepts to attain the goal of having high-end positioning in the market and introducing new ideas for their demanding, highly refined clientele. These products are undisputed in style and grace due to their refinement of fragrance and the beauty of the packaging containers. CULTI Milano values originality, quality, design and responsibility, which is why their success is so grand.

So who is this Alessandro behind the brand? Well, an Italian and like many who loves to cook, except this man cooks with both food and with fragrance. When discussing how to really make the most of his products he sounds like a chef, layering favours of scent with one another.  Choose a core fragrance then build the fragrances are broken down into four sections; The Fabric, Aramara, Maremineral or even olfactory families citrus aromatics and florals for ease of use.

One keynote of interest that may be is not that obvious is to ensure you use the right size bottle for the size of the room. If it’s small then use the 250ml size, medium the 500ml, large the 1000ml all the way up to the 4300ml size. Refills are available along with replacement rattan sticks.

One little added delight to be found in the collection are mini scented cushions to carry around with you or to put in drawers, in wardrobes or even bags in order to always scent everything you own or just to keep to sniff when the call comes.  Anywhere, everywhere all the time!

And that is very much part of the ethos of the brand.  There are now 16 different fragrances within the collection with the idea being each one can be mixed and layered with any other from the collection. This means that the development of new fragrances is a studied approach.  This ensures that any of the 16 fragrances can be layered.

So should you want a mood that is more salty and sea-like scent you can add the layers together to create the wanted fragrance atmosphere, because after all this is what the brand is all about. Creating the atmosphere you require, even so as much as being able to have an ‘atmosphere’ per area. Whether it be a fresh and invigorating bathroom for first thing in the morning, or maybe you want a gentle comforting scent for your bedroom then you can layer it.

milano fig image

Of course you can just use the scents as they are because they tend to be made with two key scents combined for a clean cut-through.

The newest scent, ‘Oficus, is very much a part of the Italian landscape, all about figs from the green of the leaves to the skin of the fruit, which gives a softer, less sweet, yet warm scent.  With gentle vanilla notes combined with the most devotional  scent, sandalwood, ‘Oficus leaves the body and soul in a tranquil state. As with all that differs, it gently opens up a room and scents the space in a subtle way.  This is not about a knock out fragrance that burns quickly or catches at the back of the throat but it soothes a space in a gentle, gradual way.

‘Oficus is available for purchase at Harrods in sizes 500ml and 1000ml.

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