Saturate; From Naples to Fashion Staple

By Georgina Sussman


In 1952, the legendary brand, Valentino, was established in Naples, becoming a staple for leather and shoes. In 2017, the Valentino story is retold by Skira Editoire in “Mario Valentino. A History of Fashion, Design and Art”, made in the memory of Bianca Giannoni Valentino.

This visual masterpiece of a book explores the rise of Valentino from the small Naples shop to one of fashion’s most iconic names that still veers customers into a fashion dream. The book offers over 200 incredible illustrations, from original Vogue Covers featuring Valentino to original graphic compositions and campaigns. Not only does the book feature these exciting images but also documents from Valentino’s archives and eloquent descriptions about Valentino’s emblematic fashion history.

For fashion fans, fashion history fans and avid readers, this book is a must have in your library, if not for the alluring stories then for the scintillating images that are included throughout the book, a book that almost acts like its very own archive.

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