Saturate; Play It Back

By Jo Phillips

As award-winning director Steven Soderbergh opted to shoot his latest movie entirely on an iPhone and last year Damien Chazelle became the youngest ever best director Oscar winner, the world of movie making opens to a group of young creatives. With an array of disciplines and mediums at their fingertips millennial filmmakers are taking over the screen.

With an intimate portrait of family relationships, an exploration of aging and a surreal goldfish conversation, from March 21-25, the Institute of Contemporary Arts celebrate young creativity with the Playback Exhibition and Festival.

Showcasing over 300 short films made by 16-24 year olds, the exhibition features a variety of cinematic talent from across the country. The cutting-edge films viewed on touchscreens, cover artistic mediums, animation, fantasy and films with a social or political message at the heart.

For many young filmmakers, this is their voice. Body rites by Naomi Berrio-Allen explores masculinity and social violence, the power of the body and mind and how it enables us to transcend and liberate ourselves, a poetic film of contemporary dance with a gritty core.

Fish Tank Girls by Thea Jones takes a more playful approach to its message. Dipping into a fantastical, surreal underwater world two goldfish discuss boys, drainpipes and getting grounded.

A platform for the next generation of creatives, the festival combines emerging talent with established filmmakers through a variety of workshops and talks.

For the first time, all 300 films will be shown together in a showcase of talent, youth, narrative and creativity.


All events are free to attend. To find out more click here.


The Brink- Alex Ayre

Kiki Nafig and Izzy Mooney- The Nose

Fish Tank Girls- Thea Jones

Unnamed Truths- Sophie Marsh

Lifespan- Jessica Bishop

Bodyrites- Naomi Berrio Allen

All That Is- Camille Summers Valli and Wessie Du Toit

Sapeur Showdown- Thibaut Nyemba

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