Saturate; Scents of Nostalgia

By Georgina Sussman

Anya Smells! Well not really, we don’t actually know that. However Anya Hindmarch’s fragrance candle collection does, (launched in August 2017),  has now expanded with three new fragrances,  and of course have the wonderful names Lip Balm, Toothpaste and Washing Powder, which are an addition to Sun Lotion, Coffee and Baby Powder, creating her full  collection, Anya Smells!  They come as expected with a large dose of British ‘tongue in cheek humour’ that the brand is so know for and on top of that the candles have fantastic, almost nostalgic scents as well as  having a wonderful throw and are very long-lasting, which is every candle-lovers dream.

Each candle has a familiar, almost homely smell, and have been created exclusively for Anya Hindmarch using raw materials and traditional techniques to create authentic English candles. The icing on the cake of these candles are their finishing, Anya Hindmarch’s Sticker Shop, contributes to the humour by adding phrases to the candle and packaging, the packaging can be twisted to make new sayings that you use once a day at least.

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(From Left to Right, Lip Balm, Toothpaste and Washing Powder)


Lip Balm; A Lush Fruit

What’s better than your first kiss? Probably a lot of things, let’s face it, and this candle is definitely one of them, with all the benefits of a teenage romance, the menthol cherry lip balm that we know you wore, the fruity fragrance (probably from Victoria’s Secrets’ Pink!) , without the, at the time romantic, kiss! If you had a Carmex in your bag, on your bedside table or in your pocket religiously, (or all three), this candle is perfect for you, with notes of dark cherry, plum and vanilla, the irony of teenage romance is not lost in this candle.


Toothpaste; A Herbal

Morning Breath who? The feeling you get after you brush your teeth before bed, that same feeling you get when you’re wearing matching underwear, the subconscious feeling of being wholeheartedly put together .  The Toothpaste candle sums all of this up and more, almost becoming a part of a routine, with notes of spearmint, French peppermint and candy floss accord, this fragrance illustrates all that is good about the feeling of brushing your teeth along with the comfort of doing it with fuzzy socks on your feet, its warm and reassuring whilst still being refreshing.


Washing Powder; An Ozonic Floral

You know those movies set in Italy, Spain or France where some older woman is hanging up their washing in the garden or outside a window and you can imagine that fresh, clean almost warm smell through the screen? That’s exactly what this candle is. It’s comforting and warm and clean, with notes of cucumber, pine needles and violet leaf, this cosy fragrance represents all that’s soothing about freshly dried, clean laundry.


Sun Lotion; A Solar Floral

Nostalgia, absolute nostalgia. A beach holiday where your family slathered the sunblock on you so that your younger, sensitive self wouldn’t burn, summed up in a candle. There’s also an essence of young adulthood, on holiday with friends, wearing tanning oil (reassuring your parents that you definitely wore sun-tan lotion, not tanning oil), and drinking a Pina Colada, or two…maybe five, by the pool, having an absolute giggle.  Although there are no coconut notes in this scent, it’s fresh, floral scent with notes of lemon and cedar wood, create that holiday musk that’s familiar to all.


Baby Powder; A Soft Oriental

“Smooth as a baby’s bottom”, if that phrase had a scent, this would be it. It’s warm and gentle, with notes of rose petal, vanilla and mandarin and is soft and soothing. This candle has a joyful smell, like the sound of a giggle, or a baby’s first word, theres a sense of love and pure delight.


Coffee; A Dark Wood

The smell of a fresh pot of coffee in the morning is a smell that comforts the soul and cannot be beaten. Whether you need a caffeine kick in the middle of the day or a drink at the bar in the evening, a good coffee, or an espresso martini, is every caffeine lovers go to, and for the caffeine obsessed, this candle will not disappoint. With notes of cedar wood, tonka bean and amber, mimicking that of a dark, rich, smooth coffee, that will give you a craving for coffee quicker than an early morning hangover.


These sassy scents embody the quirky yet chic personality that is the Anya Hindmarch brand, and are must haves for candle-lovers everywhere.


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